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MPH502-Introduction to Public Health (Module 3 SLP) - Essay Example

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The governments have been organized in such a way that they fulfill all the requirements of the modern society including the necessary health requirements. For this purpose the public health has produced three functions namely assessment, policy development and assurance.
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MPH502-Introduction to Public Health (Module 3 SLP)
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"MPH502-Introduction to Public Health (Module 3 SLP)"

Download file to see previous pages In this step it is assessed as to how much a certain disease is prevalent and what has been done in this regard. In this step the government takes data of different hospitals and analyzes which disease or disorder is increasing and needs to be addressed. It also analyzes if the health care programs are fulfilling the needs of the individuals who are suffering from such problems. Moreover all this is analyzed by the government officials and specific figures are taken. These figures are then compared and a proper research method is carried out to see how much the disease has affected people and how much is being done in this regard.
This particular step is mainly developed by the federal government as they are the ones who design policies. And it is the state and local governments who have to follow these policies later. In this step specific policies are developed so as to counter act on the analysis of different diseases that have been found in the region. These policies also include health care programs for workers and other civilians. Programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance program are examples of the policies designed by the government. These programs help to provide insurance to those people who have a low income or are above the age of 65. Similarly environmental policies are also implemented which aim at lowering the incidence of a certain disease such as the swine flu. All these policies were developed in the aim of lowering the prevalence of a certain disease and increasing health coverage to all the individuals living in the society. However more policies are needed regarding the prevention of certain diseases and disorders, for example coverage for all the individuals living in the society for free and without any exceptions.
State governments are mainly responsible for the health promotion activities. Health promotion activities such as the prevention of AIDs have been widely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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