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Life Voice: Minority groups, language and culture - Term Paper Example

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These differences are associated with culture, physique, social hierarchy, gender, educational background, race, ethnicity and disability or chronic diseases among…
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Life Voice: Minority groups, language and culture
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Download file to see previous pages Many governments have set laws to protect minority groups from prejudice. However, it is common for the practice to continue unnoticed by authorities since it may happen between two people, family or in small groupings within the society.
It is possible for members of a minority group to encounter problems such as failure to get a marriage partner, inclusion in leadership, education and lack of employment opportunities among other important factors. This essay presents the voice of the elderly people who are marginalized in the society because of their incapacity to cope with the post-modern society. It is a critique of an elderly female villager that highlights what it is to be like this woman who is a member of the marginalized elderly group in the society. The essay relates the woman’s comments and experience to research regarding minority groups from a critical and cultural perspective.
In an interview with a village woman aged 78 years, the voice of the aged in the society came out clearly indicating their feeling in regard to the manner in which the society treats this group. There is a wide generation gap that exists between the aged and the youthful members of the society who are keen on adopting new technologies to make work and communication easier. During her youthful time, the elderly female villager in this case was not able to attend school. They were only a few, and her family could not afford to educate her. She therefore can not read, write or communicate in English, which is the official language in the country. This is one aspect of the society that makes her and her age mates to be marginalized in the society. The educated people like using English language in many social gatherings and there is usually no one to translate it in to the elderly who can not understand. She said, “I no longer attend the local church service because the preachers are using English only”. This means that the aged are deprived of spiritual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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