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The research paper “title” highlights international and cross cultural communication through presenting differences between Indian culture and American culture in such aspects as predominant religious beliefs, social and gender roles, family structure and education system…
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International and Cross Cultural Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that United States of America and India are lands of diversity or multicultural societies, as people belonging to different religion, race, ethnicity, etc, live there, exhibiting different cultures. Although, there is extensive diverseness, certain common cultural elements are viewed as the cultures of those two countries. This perspective was pointed out by Chandra and Mahajan, who stated that although multiculturalism and diversity are prominently found in United States and India, both are integrating and assimilating on certain aspects, albeit at different pace. This diversity as well as commonalities makes the cultures of both United States and India an interesting ‘collage’. So, when these two ‘collages’ of cultures are compared, it will be give not only interesting but also insightful perspectives. The other reasons why these two cultures are focused is because, United States and India are two of the key global players, two of the biggest democracies, prominent economic powers and importantly has sizable population chunk of the world. As Hupe, states although Aristotle held that a state needs to be small geographically and population wise in order to keep democracy alive, India and America are refuting him by having a functional democracy even while being two of the most populous nations of the world. The other correlation between US and India was pointed out by Schuman who stated that US became the strongest economy on the planet as a democracy, with democratic India matching success for success with authoritarian China. With US and India being key countries, understanding their cultures, including the similarities and differences between those cultures as mentioned above, could provide interesting and insightful perspectives Value differences between Indian culture and American culture As pointed out above, United States of America is a multicultural society as well as land of diversity in the complete sense because people from different race, religion, ethnicity, cultures, language, etc., live there ‘adopting’ it as their home. With America itself a ‘new’ country, when viewed from historically perspective, with minimal native population, sizable number of current population were from other places. Thus, America can also be viewed is a land of immigrants, although the majority population of White Americans and also the African American population have been settled in the country for centuries and so they cannot be called as immigrants. The culture of the United States, known as the Western culture because of its location in the western hemisphere, has a lot of influences from the British culture, due to the rule of Britishers over USA from 17th to19th centuries. The culture of British spread to USA in the form of English language, religion, costumes etc. Thus, the culture followed by the majority White population has origins in Britain, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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