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Analysis and synthesis - Essay Example

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The article by Brad Stone, ‘Is Facebook going to fast?’ was published in New York Times earlier this year. It started by describing how Facebook begun through Mark Zuckerberg and Cox…
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Analysis and synthesis essay
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"Analysis and synthesis"

Download file to see previous pages In summary it described Facebook, presented Facebook users’ dislike on Facebook’s new design, mentioned Facebook’s financial challenges and Facebook users’ love-hate relationship with Facebook.
The article does not end there, it also has advises on how to properly use the site. One advice given was to take advantage of privacy settings to manage networks in order for them to speak discreetly to certain friends, such as family, close friends, co-workers as opposed to other ‘friends’ such as bosses or professional colleagues. Barton told the an amusing story wherein an employee was fired due to his obscene status message regarding to his disappointment in his work which the boss has read because he is his ‘friend’ in facebook.
The virtual world article on the other hand was brilliant in that if one missed to read the title she would have understood it as real life drama. Unlike the Facebook article which was very straightforward, the author took on a different approach. At first, it narrated a story of two avatars that were married and had a property together. The amusing thing was that it was slightly exaggerated though on a healthy level wherein it is entertaining to the readers.
The story built up the more serious issue tackled by the paper- access and control. It compared the case of one real person having real, tangible property to some virtual one who has virtual property. The former is protected by law, specifically, property rights. The later on the other hand have the mediation of the network of software and the owner of the virtual environment who has interests to protect as well.
It gave examples of real life people who encountered problems regarding accounts (Email, social networking sites and gaming accounts) of their family, close friend or even virtual partners who passed away. It went on to citing the companies’ good reasons in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis and Synthesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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