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Planar Ultra Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging System for Medical Application (Project Debrief) - Essay Example

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Debriefing also ensures future projects to have an element of innovation (Kartam, 1996). Someone has rightly said that over two third of learning and development experience takes place on…
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Planar Ultra Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging System for Medical Application (Project Debrief)
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Extract of sample "Planar Ultra Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging System for Medical Application (Project Debrief)"

Download file to see previous pages I am feeling fortunate to have got an opportunity to work under IAP on the project titled ‘Planar Ultra Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging System for Medical Application’. For me it was a God sent opportunity as I had got an opportunity to not only put theory to practice at a workplace setting but had even got a chance to work on the subject (medical technology) whose wonders have been inspiring me for over a decade when we got a wireless hearing aid for my grandmother – now an octogenarian. For this project Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications (CWMA) was my industry partner. CWMA has a number of achievements to its credit and the research at CWMA is powered by a battery of internationally acclaimed researchers. Prof. Amin Abbosh – a international expert and a point of reference in Ultra-Wideband Imaging, accepted me as his researcher and it was a very exceptional learning experience to work with him.
The 15 weeks assignment started on 27th July. I prepared a Gantt chart for the project and it was designed on the basis of the Table 1. (Annexure I). From the beginning of the project I followed project management principles. After preparing the project plan and the Gantt chart, since I had not worked on any simulation tool, and to design the antenna the simulation tool had to play a crucial role. Computer Simulation Technology Microwave Studio (CST MWS) being a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency was used. The first jolt I suffered in the project was the delay I had to face in getting CST MWS from the University, I got it almost a month later than desired. I had to double up to meet the project milestones. While working on CST MSW, I started working on the literature survey. I utilized IEEE Explore (IEEE’s the digital library) at the University. Since I reside away from the University I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Planar Ultra Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging System for Medical Essay - 2)
Planar Ultra Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging System for Medical Essay - 2.
“Planar Ultra Wideband Antenna for Microwave Imaging System for Medical Essay - 2”, n.d.
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