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Global Perspectives on Health - Essay Example

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The World Health Organization has put up an office in the country in May of 1963 where its office stands today in the Ocean Road area while…
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Global Perspectives on Health
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Download file to see previous pages While aspects such as GDP growth, Infant Mortality Rate and Adult Literacy Rate, Tanzania records a relatively higher statistic in comparison to the whole of the average in the African Region. Nevertheless, when we look at the statistics in a global perspective, it can be concluded that the numbers for Tanzania is staggering. Total Fertility Rate, Under 5 Mortality Rate and Life Expectancy at Birth are just some of the health indicators which show how the country is struggling in indispensable area of health care.
The graphs show that there is little to no progression in terms of Life Expectancy at Birth, Infant Mortality Rate, Under 5 Mortality Rate and Total Fertility Rate of Tanzania. It can be observed that Infant and Under 5 Mortality Rates gradually decreased in more recent years. Life expectancy was also augmented while Fertility Rate remained more or less at the same level. This increase in statistics is a good signifier of a move in progress in terms of health.
Based on the data shown, it can be perceived that Tanzania has a reasonably high population rate wherein the number of male population is almost similar with the number of female population. It also illustrates that majority of this population are aged 20 and below. This can be directly related to the mortality and life expectancy rate of the country.
The World Health Organization attributes the low level of health in the United Republic of Tanzania primarily to poor nutrition, illiteracy and gender inequality. HIV remains to be the most prevalent problem in the country’s communicable DALY but some progress is being shown. From 9.9% as reported in 2000, HIV infection slowed down to 7% within the years 2003-2004 (World Health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Perspectives on Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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