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It is even more important today than yesterday due to developments in trade, commerce, and finance wherein the countries of the world are being more integrated into the global economy, creating a…
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Global Perspectives
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A GLOBAL MARKETPLACE (Issues and Perspectives) ID Number: of (affiliation) Location of April 14,2014
Globalization is a continuing trend and despite its critics, it is here to stay. It is even more important today than yesterday due to developments in trade, commerce, and finance wherein the countries of the world are being more integrated into the global economy, creating a new global culture from the free flow of capital, ideas, people, products, and services. The artifacts indicated had enhanced my viewpoint and perspective of the global marketplace unlike before. There are also some trends concerning globalization which are worth mentioning in this paper. The trends are of particular relevance for anybody wanting to know more how globalization affects people. Each trend is a global issue in itself which creates further momentum for globalization.
Advances in technology hastened the spread of globalization; without the technological advances in information, communications, and travel, people and countries would not be tightly inter-connected today. News and events from far-away places of the world are flashed instantly on the television as breaking news stories, and people are updated almost daily on these events.
Improvement in ICT – information and communications technology made globalization a virtual reality as people can get in touch with practically anyone anywhere anytime. The Internet has brought people close together and helped brought down cultural, social, and political barriers which would otherwise have taken much longer. Moreover, social media networks enhanced this seeming community of global citizens wherein people empathize with people somewhere else in cases of natural disaster, tragic events, or political upheavals such as the Arab Spring in Middle East countries. There is a growing sense of unity everywhere in which people feel they belong to the same human species, to humankind. Globalization had promoted better understanding.
Increased migration – people today move to other countries to seek better employment opportunities, to pursue additional educational degrees, escape poverty in their home countries, avoid religious and political persecution, and in a new twist, the emergence of a new kind of the proverbial refugee, that of people seeking asylum due to climate change and adverse weather and environmental developments, such as rising sea levels, more severe floods and droughts. More convenient transportation modes which provide safer, faster, and cheaper travel encouraged more people to migrate for greener pastures, thereby further promoting global tourism (Walker, 2012).
Increased wealth – most countries which embraced the twin dictates of globallization in the form of deregulation and liberalization (through privatization) had reaped the benefits of the increased trade and commerce, although admittedly, not all countries benefited from the trend in globalization as some countries were ill-equipped to deal with the drastic changes. Peace due to the avoidance of trade and other irritants contributed greatly to this increased economic wealth.
Increasing criminality – globalization also brought a new type of criminal organization; it is now also global in terms of sophistication, reach, operations, and impact. Criminal syndicates can now operate with greater ease using the same tools of globalization, namely advancements in ICT that enable these organizations to send funds anywhere by money laundering techniques.
While globalization is generally beneficial to a greater number of people (in “a rising tide lifts all boats” as propounded by economists), some countries are now worse off because of an inability to adjust their national economy to a global economy. A worrisome development out of globalization is the rise of international crime and terrorist organizations which undermine global security because these are non-state international entities (Greene, Gabbidon & Debro, 2000).
Greene, H. T., Gabbidon, S. L., & Debro, J. (2000). African-American Criminological Thought. Albany, NY, USA: State University of New York Press.
Walker, J. R. (2012). Introduction to hospitality. New York, NY, USA: Pearson-Prentice Hall. Read More
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