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It tells about the difference which both the races and genders have amongst each other and it also tells how these different races, classes and genders are working towards each other to bridge this…
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Download file to see previous pages Different races in the world are facing the problem of discrimination and multiculturalism is an aspect which allows different states to accept the ethnic culture of different people. Because of different cultures existing in the world, people belonging to one specific ethnicity prefer people of their own ethnicity over the other ethnic groups. This cartoon however shows that the gap between the ethnicity, class and races is about to finish which is not true. The races and genders still face discrimination when it comes to individuals of some other gender or race. An example here can be cited of the blacks who are presently living in the United States. These blacks are still widely symbolized as gangsters and burglars by the whites and because of such a stereotype these blacks are not able to progress in the United States as they would have otherwise. Similarly another example of the Natives can also be seen here as these people are also discriminated by the whites in America. Class which is another important factor of discrimination is also discussed in this cartoon. Different classes of people exist in this world and these classes can either be related to money, societal power or societal limitations by these classes. The classes which exist in the world today differentiate people on the basis of their class and because of this individuals of one class cannot settle with the other. An example can be cited here of the people belonging to upper class of the society. These people tend to ignore or thrash the individuals who are of a lower class or lower income group. The sense of superiority tends to prevail in this type of people and this is the root cause of discrimination amongst these individuals. The gap of multiculturalism can be bridged only if certain factors are kept in mind. These factors include the fact that the races and gender forget that they are superior to each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multiculturalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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...Multiculturalism Introduction Multiculturalism is defined by the Wordnet (Princeton as "the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country". Many nations in the world promote multiculturalism and have continued to do so for a long time reaping enormous benefits. Yet some nations are completely against the idea and are ethnocentric in every sense. The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, is one of those critics who is against this idea. Certain key members of the British nation have continued to promote multiculturalism and say that it is a concept that has been there even before large scale immigrations began. To have... a...
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...Multiculturalism Some people define multiculturalism as a way to bring cultures together. They say that it is a way to study many cultures and get to understand how we can learn from each other. According to the readings we have studied multiculturalism is more about people tolerating and understanding the differences that people have and learning to embrace them in some way. This does not mean that another culture will be totally accepted but if everyone is the position of understanding they can at least get an understanding if the differences. Many people say that we need to celebrate the differences in people instead of pushing them away. We have to get rid of the stereotypes and learn...
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...Multiculturalism in America Multiculturalism in America Introduction Constitutional acceptance of cultural diversities has always helped many countries to grow rapidly in the socio-economic front. The present day world has realized the need for conglomerated cultural participation in socio-economic and political arenas to substantiate the comprehensive development of different communities. Multiculturalism broadly refers to a society which caters multiple cultures. Policies that comply with multiculturalism are very important to a country like the USA where people from diverse regions around the globe live and work together. The US population includes people of different...
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... School: MULTICULTURALISM Lecturer: MULTICULTURALISM There is an adage that variety is the spice of life; meaning that where there is diversity, the beauty of life becomes best exhibited. As depicted in the video, this adage could also be implied in the contemporary business environment to depict the relevance of having a multi-cultural workforce. However, there have been some challenges with the management of multi-cultural firms that has made most human resource managers not preferred having to do with a multi-cultural workforce (Christensen, 2011). Such challenges notwithstanding, the advantages of having multiculturalism still promote the need to overcome these challenges and make multiculturalism the focus of modern business... ...
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...Multiculturalism Introduction The aspect of multiculturalism has received a considerably high level of importance in society today. This refers to the diversity of two or more cultures in the same region or country. Today, the world experiences the highest level of globalization, thus people from different cultures have been forced to interact and live together. For this reason, multiculturalism remains an important aspect in the 21st Century. Purpose of the proposal This proposal explores the aspect of multiculturalism and its importance in society today. This proposal will first explore the meaning of multiculturalism. This is important, as different...
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...MULTICULTURALISM Introduction There has been an increasing debate on the issue of Multiculturalism across the word in respect to the high rate of immigration experienced in Europe and the west. Several countries present different ideology towards this concept and the outcome is always different. Taking the case of Canada, the issue of Multiculturalism has gained political momentum in major cities like Vancouver among others. In regard to urban politics, there is need to tackle the relationship between pluralist policy in connection to Multiculturalism concept that has been part of Canadian community for decades now. The political and demographic aspect of...
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...Lecturer October 3, Research Proposal Multiculturalism Introduction Multiculturalism or cultural pluralism is the situation where individuals with different cultures live in the same area. The idea of embracing different cultures is good to help people live in harmony. Understanding different cultures help people to accept and appreciate each other’s uniqueness instead of profiling different people on the basis of the cultures. Different cultures come with different races and this is important in the fight against racism which has been in the fore front in advocating for unity among different societies across the world. Reasons for doing the research Different people have addressed this topic but I have...
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...Reflection: Multiculturalism Reflection: Multiculturalism The main issue that has covered in our lecture s is about multiculturalism. According to its definition, multiculturalism basically describes the concept of being accommodative to diversity exhibited by people. In this case, each and every person should acknowledge that there is a large number of cultures and ways of life in the entire world. In this case, I think that with the wake of globalization, it is the high time that individuals and society embrace that the entire world belongs to a large number of people that cannot be stopped by physical barriers. This, therefore, means that the society should open its...
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...Canadian Multiculturalism/ Interculturalism Introduction Multiculturalism and Interculturalism policies in Canada have been a sociological interpretation in theory and approach. When defining multiculturalism it is seen a descriptive term in which it refers to the policies that formed a demography that has come endogenously by the conjunction of two or more ethnic groups into one jurisdiction, e.g. Canada (Roberts et al, 1982). The emphasis that we look upon the theoretical foundations is of the policies instead of focusing on their historical roots. Another important theory and policy would be that of Interculturalism which involves the acceptance of a multicultural fact...
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