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Multiculturalism - Essay Example

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It tells about the difference which both the races and genders have amongst each other and it also tells how these different races, classes and genders are working towards each other to bridge this…
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Extract of sample "Multiculturalism"

Cartoon The cartoon depicts the real life situation of different races and genders. It tells about the difference which both the races and gendershave amongst each other and it also tells how these different races, classes and genders are working towards each other to bridge this difference. In other words the cartoon is telling about the discrimination faced by different races, classes and genders all over the world. However it can be seen that the cartoon is not really reflecting the reality in the world but is perhaps exaggerating the reality as in reality the gap between the races and genders is nowhere near to be bridged in the real life.
Different races in the world are facing the problem of discrimination and multiculturalism is an aspect which allows different states to accept the ethnic culture of different people. Because of different cultures existing in the world, people belonging to one specific ethnicity prefer people of their own ethnicity over the other ethnic groups. This cartoon however shows that the gap between the ethnicity, class and races is about to finish which is not true. The races and genders still face discrimination when it comes to individuals of some other gender or race. An example here can be cited of the blacks who are presently living in the United States. These blacks are still widely symbolized as gangsters and burglars by the whites and because of such a stereotype these blacks are not able to progress in the United States as they would have otherwise. Similarly another example of the Natives can also be seen here as these people are also discriminated by the whites in America. Class which is another important factor of discrimination is also discussed in this cartoon. Different classes of people exist in this world and these classes can either be related to money, societal power or societal limitations by these classes. The classes which exist in the world today differentiate people on the basis of their class and because of this individuals of one class cannot settle with the other. An example can be cited here of the people belonging to upper class of the society. These people tend to ignore or thrash the individuals who are of a lower class or lower income group. The sense of superiority tends to prevail in this type of people and this is the root cause of discrimination amongst these individuals. The gap of multiculturalism can be bridged only if certain factors are kept in mind. These factors include the fact that the races and gender forget that they are superior to each other and consider all of the individuals around them equal. Individuals from different races should not consider the individuals from other races as different to them and bridge the gaps between them. This major factor would help the races to realize each others importance and would help them to move in life together with the help of each other. Multiculturalism can be bridged together if different cultures are amalgamated with each other to make a single culture all over the world. The individuals should have the all the factors which all the cultures have amalgamated together. The basic knowledge of all the languages amongst these people would help them to consider all the people around them as their own. And this would help to bridge the gap of multiculturalism between them. Similarly the bridge between classes can only be filled if wealth is equally divided in the society. People should be given all their rights and wealth should not be considered a factor by individuals when judging people. Moreover if such an initiative is taken it would help to finish the class system which currently exists in this world.
If bridges of sexual orientation and disabilities were added it could be seen that these bridges were no different than those of the races and genders. Sexual orientation towards the disabled individuals by either gender would not be able to complete a bridge. The gap between sexual orientation and disabilities exists to a greater extent. Moreover this gap is not getting bridged over these days. Normal individuals are sexually oriented only towards their fellow beings if they consider them normal too and this is because a gap exists between the disabilities and sexual orientation. Not only this, the individuals who are disabled tend to be more shy and afraid of getting sexually oriented with the normal people. These individuals can be said to be the suffered ones in the society and it is because of these factors that a bridge between sexual orientation and disabilities cannot be filled without much help. This bridge can only be filled if the thought of superiority existing in the normal individuals is removed. And the disabled people are encouraged to become more courageous and brave when it comes to being involved with other people. Read More
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Multiculturalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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