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Securing the Cloud - Essay Example

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Further, the advantage of cloud computing are also referred to along with brief references given to other forms of computing as well. The privacy challenges that are…
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Securing the Cloud
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Download file to see previous pages Cloud computing provides for dynamically scalable and virtualized sources on the internet for online business applications which utilize software and data resources which are stored in the servers.
Cloud Computing has also been defined as a revolutionary development of certain existing computing technologies and approaches into a form that is capable of separating the application and database from the infrastructure and mechanisms that are employed to deliver them. Cloud computing augments the cooperation, suppleness, size, accessibility and also offers significant cost reduction with the use of optimized and competent computing techniques, (Armbrust, and Griffith, et al., 2009).
Cloud computing is basically the use of group of services, data sources and technical applications, all of which can be swiftly rearranged, reconditioned, implemented and also decommissioned with the help of an allocation model. In order to increase the scope of the services offered, the resources are set away from the infrastructure that is employed to deliver the results. For example, for a particular service to be based upon cloud computing technology, the internet can be utilized for transport and the browser as an accessibility tool – which states that the sources are at all the times shared in a multi-tenant surroundings exterior to the “boundary.”
The users, who are serviced through cloud computing services, do not possess any kind of infrastructure, the user only pays for the resources they utilize and therefore avoid the capital costs by renting the infrastructure from a third part owner. The infrastructure behind the cloud computing is composed of efficient services through the use of virtual data centers that are based upon virtualization technologies, (Armbrust, and Griffith, et al., 2009). The cloud computing services can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Securing the Cloud Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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