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An Identity-theft Prevention Program has been developed at Tri-State Communications to comply with the federal “Red Flags” Rule that has been in effect since…
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SOP 347 & MRT 16
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Part Tri Communications Identity-theft Program Tri Communications is a provider of telephone systems, voice mail systems, data networks and IP telephony. An Identity-theft Prevention Program has been developed at Tri-State Communications to comply with the federal “Red Flags” Rule that has been in effect since 01/01/2008 and had been extended to 08/01/2009 for compliance.
Identity-theft Policy
The Policy has been laid out in sections as follows: Section one states stakeholders who could or are responsible for taking action against the threat; Section two lays out the intent; Section three includes coverage including employees, contractors, consultants, etc.; Section four includes the general policy; Section five includes detailed definitions of covered accounts and red flags; Section six includes response to red flags; Section seven includes updates to program; and Section eight includes program administration (FTC, 2009; Jones, 2008).
Identity-theft Procedures
Procedures have been laid out to back up the policies with methods for implementing each policy. Methods would clearly indicate the steps to be followed and tools to be used. This includes tools such as forms or documents that should be used while executing a specific policy. Roles and responsibilities have been assigned for various activities within the policies. Employee training is important in the execution of the program. Competencies that need to be developed for policies have been identified, and areas where employees need training have been identified. Methods for review and auditing the program have been included, and mechanism for correcting any gaps has been included.
FTC. (2009, November 1). A How to Guide for Business. Fighting Frauds with the Red Flags Rule. Federal Trade Commission, Retrieved from .
Jones, Josh. (2008, Setember 17). Model identity theft policy. Retrieved from
Part 2: Tellabs Investor Relations
Tellabs is a telecom company with a wide range of products and services in a range of markets. The investor relations web page provides a variety of investor related information. A comparison of peer group websites has been illustrated in table 1. Peers include 3com Corporation; Arris Group; Polycom; and Mastec Incorporated.
Table 1. Comparison of Investor Relations
3com Corp
Arris Group
Mastec Inc
Events & presentations
Quarterly results
Corporate profile
Corporate profile
News releases
Stock quotes
Annual reports
Quarterly results
Recent News
Stock quotes
Email alerts
Stock quotes
Links: Reports; SEC filings; FAQ; Stock quotes; Analyst coverage
Links: Annual reports; contact; Email alerts; SEC filings; Corporate governance; Financial information; Directors and officers
Recent news
Recent news
Corp Governance
Transfer Agent
Featured reports
News; Events; Webcasts;
Links: Financials; Sock Quote; SEC Filings; Presentations; Webcasts; Corporate Governance; Email Alerts
Email Alerts; Presentations;
A variety of information has been presented on the page. This includes events and presentations; news releases; stock quotes and links for annual reports; contact; email alerts; SEC filings; corporate governance; financial information; directors and officers. Much of the information required for investment analysis is available. Suggestions for improvement include the presentation of information. A brief corporate profile would enhance the information available. The most important information such as annual reports; quarterly results could be made available before events and presentations. Inclusion of contact details on the page is desirable. Less relevant information could be included in the lower half of the page. Information such as news releases or other new information could be included in a marquee. Inclusion of live stock quotes would make the page more attractive.
Tellabs. (1995). Tellabs - Investor Relations. Retrieved from Read More
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