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How improvements in technology have assisted Mormon missionary work in Africa - Essay Example

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This essay describes the work of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints or LDS Missionaries in Africa and the use of technology in preaching their faith. This will also describe the early beginnings and the foundation of the faith of the LDS church.
The LDS church…
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How improvements in technology have assisted Mormon missionary work in Africa
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Download file to see previous pages One of these particular missionary work is concentrated in Africa where missions in the past slowly progressed but is now gaining fruit due to the painstaking efforts and even martyrdom of some of its members.
Missions were sent to the different parts of the world, to the so-called Third World, and Africa. President Brigham Young, Joseph Smith’s successor right after the prophet’s death, sent missions to Africa, and the first of these missionaries were Jesse Haven, William H. Walker and Leonard I. Smith, who arrived in Africa in 1853. They immediately started their missionary labor, set up branches and congregations and converted those who wanted to hear the Word of God and the doctrines of the church.
At present, there are numerous temples, offices, training centers, and thousands of LDS members in Africa, and the number is still growing because of the fact that each member has to perform mission in the course of membership. All over the world, this church is growing, in size and faith, and overcoming the test of time including persecution.
Like any other organization, the LDS church uses the latest technology in the propagation of the faith. They use computers with corresponding Information Technology and software in communicating to their members, databases for use by the different branches worldwide, and the Worldwide Web accessible to the members anywhere in the globe. There are various websites that provide news and information on the LDS church, some of them are listed in the “Works Cited Page”, which have provided us help in the formulation of this paper.
Peoples of different faiths go on missions to preach and propagate their faith. They are no ordinary people because they risk their lives for the sake of their faith. And they have the least idea of what would happen to them in their destination.
When the Taliban ruled in Afghanistan, converting to Christianity, preaching the gospel and proselytizing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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