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The consumer behaviour basically deals with the process through which a consumer or a prospective consumer decides over the brand that is to purchase over and above the other competing brands. The various stages that guide such behaviour include:
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Download file to see previous pages For the purpose, it is essential that the company chosen has various after-sales practises like that of warranties and post-sale service among others.
The reasons why Nike is one of the most preferred brands throughout the various customer segments all across the globe can be undermined below. In brief, it can be said that the group has really leveraged the various motivational theories to form itself a strong brand of preference. The group has successfully served all the categories that effects consumer buying decision process as follows:
Personal – The various factors that include with in the purview of the personal factors are like that of age, gender, race and etc. Nike has successfully catered all these points. It has its products for both the genders and almost for all the age groups that are associated with various sporting events.
Psychological – The psychological factor of the consumer behaviour has many sub-factors included in it like motives, perception, knowledge and ability, personality and attitudes. It can be referred without much doubt that Nike has really met and exceeded all the psychological factors. With extensive research and development in its various products, it has gained the required knowledge and ability and aligned itself with the motivation of the athletes of performing better. Today, Nike has been a name in lifestyle and so has the required positive perception from the customers throughout the world.
Social – The consumers and the prospective customers are often influenced by various external factors which can be clubbed together under the social factors. It includes the opinion leaders, influences and role played by families, culture and sub-culture, social class and the reference groups. In the modern world of tremendous competition, the onus lies on the corporate to utilise these social factors in the best way it can in its favour. And Nike has really done it commendably. The fact that the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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