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Consumer Behavior - Assignment Example

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The consumer behaviours are changing every day and it is essential for the entrepreneurs to do careful market researches to evaluate the consumer behaviours properly. The Globalization and liberalization policies have opened up doors for the consumers to be in touch with the…
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Consumer Behavior Assignment
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"Consumer Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages my home Jim Maxwell and Ian Mc Donald who recently purchased DVD player - home theatre system of two different brands, in order to analyze the changing behaviours of consumers. Jim purchased the Sony brand while Ian purchased a Panasonic one. Their buying decisions were influenced by need for recognition. Before purchasing, both of them have searched a lot to collect information regarding the product. They have evaluated all the possible alternatives before taking the purchasing decisions.
films you purchased you can no longer play! So you have a problem or a new need. For high value items like a DVD player or a car or other low frequency purchased products this is the process we would take.” (Consumer Buying Behaviour) Most of the purchasing decisions are accompanied by an identified need. Sometimes that may be the malfunctioning of an existing product or sometimes it may be for getting some social recognition.
Recognition is a primary psychological need, many of the human beings possessed. Most of their purchasing decisions were influenced by such thirst for recognition. They may feel inferiority if they possess old goods. In Jim’s case he is more focussed on social recognition while Ian seems to be more practical than Jim in his decisions.
Once the consumer decide about the need of purchasing he will definitely go for information regarding the product he wanted to purchase. “Sources of information could be family, friends, neighbours who may have the product you have in mind, and alternatively you may ask the sales people, or dealers, or read specialist magazines like What DVD to help with their purchase decision. You may even
actually examine the product before you decide to purchase it.” (Consumer Buying Behaviour) The following questions were asked to Jim and Ian regarding the collection of information of the DVD player they purchased
Most of the people are rely on, advertisements in television, news papers, Super markets and internet for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Consumer Behavior Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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