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Being a family friend, I first feel the need to talk to the children to help them understand the issues that their parents are currently facing. Hence the…
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U04d1 Case Study
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Case Study - Carl and Estrella The main focus for the discussion will be based on the series of events that have been occurring at Carl and Estrella’s. Being a family friend, I first feel the need to talk to the children to help them understand the issues that their parents are currently facing. Hence the discussion will be as follows. Once the children Helen and John arrive back home, I will get the entire family to sit in a room and start the discussion.
I. Estrella’s Health Care:
My first concern will be to get Estrella a full time care. For this the entire family will need to give their opinions. It would be unfair to ask Carl to take complete care of his wife for twenty four hours a day, hence the various options include:
a) Estella moves in with one of her children,
b) Each of Estella’s children take turns to keep her with them,
c) A full time nurse / medical help is appointed and every member of the family contributes equally for the care and the medical expenses.
d) Estella is moved in to a care centre until she recovers and all members of the family take turns to stay with her at the care centre.
Expected responses:
This will definitely cause numerous issues and problems, however, knowing the family, I believe that the children will come to an unanimous decision to appoint a full time nurse / medical help and to chip in and pay for the medicals and care. However there will be a complete opposition from Carl, since he loves his wife a lot and is willing to give up his life for her.
II. Carl’s Forgetfulness and other issues:
With age the memory power also reduces. Also age brings about numerous other issues like irritability, and reducing skills sets. In the case of Carl, an appointment will be taken with the doctors to get immediate attention and care for him as well. The main idea of the appointment will be to get a complete body health check for Carl to assess his issues (Perls, Silver & Lauerman, 1999).
Expected responses:
There is a strong possibility that Carl might create a fuss, however I will ensure him complete care of Estrella until he goes for his doctor appointment.
III. Overall Family unity and emotional health:
I realize that the family goes through a lot missing their lost child, and lost sibling. Hence the topic will be brought out to assist them in any possible manner, emotionally. Hence to help them get through this issue, firstly we will talk of the individual concerns and the remembrance of the sibling (Kirkwood, 1999). Also a decision will be made to ensure children come to stay with parents over the weekend.
Expected responses:
I am confident, that I will receive complete cooperation from all in the family. The children love their parents a lot and will be willing to make simple sacrifices to help them live a better life.
Kirkwood, T. B. L. (1999). The time of our lives: The science of human aging. New York: Oxford University Press.
Perls, T. T., Silver M. H., & Lauerman, J. F. (1999). Living to 100. New York: Basic Books. Read More
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U04d1 Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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