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For example, we have seen people busy with manufacturing wearing large goggles and a uniform that looks quite odd. The goggles are for the safety of their eyes while the uniform helps them to save…
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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Roll No: Teacher: 31st October 2009 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)We have seen people using different kinds of costumes and equipment while working. For example, we have seen people busy with manufacturing wearing large goggles and a uniform that looks quite odd. The goggles are for the safety of their eyes while the uniform helps them to save themselves from any bodily injury. For working purposes at various work places, some equipment is required. This equipment is called personal protective equipment. PPE or Personal protective equipment is equipment that is employed by the workers working at a place. Personal protective equipment consists of a range of clothing and equipment, which is worn by workers, students, contractors and visitors to protect their bodies from workplace hazards. Personal protective equipment contains equipment for eyes, head, ears, breathing system, body, hands and arms and feet and legs and should be used for the protection of an individual against any hazardous situation. People working in a workplace make use of personal protective equipment to ensure their safety.
Firemen use PPE, manufacturing laborers use PPE, students and scientists working at laboratories use PPE, people working at construction sites use PPE, doctors use PPE and many others use PPE for their safety from any risky situations. For different kinds of workers working at different places, different kind of safety equipment and clothing is used. Firemen wear costumes that secure them from extensive heats and burns, they also use goggles for the safety of their eyes so that their eyes don’t get injured because of the situations they are put in. There are also special helmets for the firemen that secure their heads from any injurious activity happening around them.
The students working in laboratories with chemicals should put on the lab coats and gloves in order to work securely. There can be many chances of occurrence of some dangerous situation. For that time, they should be ready and should use the PPE designed for that purpose. With proper precautionary measures by using PPE, many hazards can be controlled.
While entering a workplace, the workers should wear the PPE instructed for them in order to take suitable precautionary measures for any risky situation. The protective equipment is designed for the safety of its users and when it is used, it proves to be efficient. Generally, people consider protective equipment as a burden and try to avoid it but they should keep in mind that it is not a burden and should be used for their own safety. Some people also use half of the equipment and neglect the remaining. For example, they wear the suit but leave the goggles or leave the helmet. This attitude should not be there as it is dangerous for them.
Personal protection equipment is essential for the workers working at a place as it minimizes the possibility of any danger to the workers because of any hazardous situation. Eyes, ears, head, hands, arms, legs, feet, breathing system and the whole body should be protected by means of PPE that is created for the safety of people. This equipment works as a protective shield against any danger to the body of the workers and should be used. Read More
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Illustration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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