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Before making any design the team must first consult with the legal requirements as embodied in Title 29, Chapter XVII, Part 1910 on Occupational Safety and Health Standards. This would ensure that no design is made that may violate the law and subject the company to future…
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Health and Saftey
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Before making any design the team must first consult with the legal requirements as embodied in 29, Chapter XVII, Part 1910 on Occupational Safety and Health Standards. This would ensure that no design is made that may violate the law and subject the company to future law suits. Bearing in mind the pertinent sections enclosed in parenthesis below, I will make the following recommendations:
1. The toggle on/off switches for the power supply, more specifically the main switch and the master switch that enables the bridge, trolley, and hoist to move may be placed on a wall or any fixed structure that is accessible from the floor (Sec. 1910 par.65 (5), p.557; par.58, p.552). The rationale behind the law is that in the event of an emergency the operator may immediately shut the system down.
2. The control for the bridge and trolley cannot be placed on any wall or fixed surface. The law prescribes that it must be located in a way that the operator can readily face the direction of travel ([v] p.557). This would require the creation of a control panel placed directly facing or fronting the work area. This will provide the operating personnel safety from any falling hazards while allowing visibility to perform the operation (Lockheed). Several toggle on and off switches will be used if the team decides to use such a switch. The speed of the bridge and trolley will be divided into two. Thus setting a minimum speed and a maximum speed. This is necessary because when operating the bridge and trolley it is advised to always use the minimum speed only.
3. The control for the hoist may be by pendant push-button, rope control or any mechanism ([v]p.556). There is no restriction as long as the safety of the operator will be of prime consideration. I would recommend the use of Radio Control Systems or a Remote Control Box (Telemotive Engineered SLTX Transmitter). The Operator can work at the safest location without having to use a pendant control. There is also no restriction of a fixed-length pendant cable. Its transmitter has a two step push button which allows easy and precise control (R&M Materials Handling). In hoisting, the toggle on and off controls cannot be used because what is required is several break controls that must be calculated and exact. It requires stops for break, lower and hold. Considerations also as to the weight and speed of lifting is also one factor that makes the toggle on and off switch inappropriate for use.
4. For additional safety, the inclusion of an emergency stop switch to cut off electric power independently of the regular operating controls is mandated by law. This should also be accessible from the floor. ([59] . 557)

Code of Federal Regulations
Conveyor System. pp17-24.
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Telemotive Engineered sltx Transmitter. pp. 10. Read More
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(Health and Saftey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2)
Health and Saftey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
“Health and Saftey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2”, n.d.
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