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The Design of Health and Safety Control Systems - Assignment Example

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Operation 1 The main danger here is to the workmen who will be sealing the cracks in the sewer system. As the farmer uses the field to graze his cattle and sheep and the sealant fumes are toxic, there is some possible danger to these animals and those who consume their products…
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The Design of Health and Safety Control Systems
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"The Design of Health and Safety Control Systems"

Download file to see previous pages The design of any equipment used at work is controlled and measured by various legislation, with the supply of machinery (safety) regulations 2008 covering the stepladder involved in this operation (Policy Group STSU, 2008). The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 cover the stepladders usage and maintenance throughout the operation (Policy Group STSU, 1998). This PUWER legislation requires that the equipment be ‘suitable for the intended use’ and ‘maintained in a safe condition’. Regular checks are required by this legislation, and all checks should be recorded to ensure that the equipment is in the best possible condition to prevent health and safety issues. Additionally, all employees concerned in the operation are required to have adequate training. To verify the competence of these employees, the PUWER legislation requires that all equipment must be used by those who have received adequate information with which to use the equipment safely. In this case, to ensure that all employees are competent, they must be shown the correct use of the ladder prior to the operation despite any prior training. For the chemicals, the correct safety procedure should be carried out and the employees should be familiar with the packaging to ensure they know the risks and signs. The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmopsheres Regulations 2002 (Disease Reduction Programme Office, 2002) requires that all substances that are flammable are controlled, and employers should ‘find out what dangerous substances are in their workplace and what the fire risks are’, as well as ‘put control measures in place to remove [or] remove’ the risks. Employees should be properly informed about and trained in the usage of these chemicals. The sealant, in this case, is the dangerous substance and the employees involved should be informed of the risks and training in its use. Finally, the welfare of the employees is also a concern in enclosed spaces. The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 should be followed stringently to ensure that work in the enclosed space is safe, healthy and poses no risk to welfare. Checks Hazard Control Measure Results What else can be done? Safe? Spray Sealant Ensure all employees using this substance understand the risks of the substance and the emergency proceedures involved Spray Sealant Ensure all employees are provided with masks to prevent any damage to health from the sealant Ladder Ensure that ladders safety information is up to date and appropriate checks have been carried out Ladder Ensure all employees are trained in the proper usage of the ladder Ladder Ensure all employees are provided with hard hats to prevent damage to the head in the case of a fall Transport Ensure all employees have clean drivers licenses and are aware of the dangers of driving down private lanes (as well as normal driving dangers) Risk Assessment What are the hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are you already doing? What further action is necessary? Action by who? Action by when? Done? Ladder The employees using the ladder to access the sewer Ensuring that training and equipment is safe and in place. None Spray Sealant The employees in the confined space in which the sealant is being used Ensuring that all fire risks are assessed and removed as much as possible. All employees are aware of the evacuation procedure for this task. All employees have the appropriate equipment for this task. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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