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This paper will deal with the physical changes that are seen among the people of age groups 40s, 50s, and 60s. An attempt will also be made to find coping strategies for these changes.
In an ageing society, health…
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Physical Changes
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Increasing age bring along with itself numerous changes as well. This paper will deal with the physical changes that are seen among the people of agegroups 40s, 50s, and 60s. An attempt will also be made to find coping strategies for these changes.
Physical Changes in the Following Years:
Hair Thinning
Reduced Pace of movements
Vision troubles
Skin lines, and signs of wrinkles
Increased fat in individuals and a higher muscle fat makeup.
Loss of mineral content of bones and increased porous texture of bones, especially in women
Changes in reproductive system of men and women. In women, onset of menopause, in men, reduced quality and mobility of sperms
Increased skin issues, including sagging of skin
Onset of hearing problems like Presbycusis, i.e. Old Hearing
Decreased and reduced vision, almost up to 1/6 of what it was at the age of 20.
Teeth / oral issues, like falling of teeth
Reduced energy levels and ability to move and respond quickly
Memory issues, and trouble remembering things
Cardiovascular issues and higher tendency for heart attacks
Changes in behavior patterns including higher levels of irritability and numerous emotional outbursts
Coping Strategy for the Changes:
In an ageing society, health becomes a very important issue; both patients and doctors have to be more selective with each other in an ageing society (Kato 2000, 935). This part of the paper aims at dealing with coping strategies for the changes. For all the above mentioned issues and troubles that are developed with age there are a few simple steps that can be followed (Kirkwood, 1999). These include:
a) Healthy eating habits and a good diet
b) Regular Exercise
c) Stress Reduction
d) Increasing self confidence and self reliance
e) Developing an ability to adapt and blend with the changes and the changing world
f) Recognizing the need for change and new techniques to cope with the changing life
g) Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming drugs
h) Try to develop personality and feel good about yourself
i) Increased spirituality and faith in God (Perls, Silver & Lauerman, 1999)
These form the basic steps that need to be taken by all irrespective of their age. The following sections will provide a brief of the various strategies that can be used to cope with the changes that are faced in each decade.
People in their 40’s need to follow the tips provided. This stage of life requires the individuals to take extreme care of self as this is the starting stages for the changes in the bodies. IT is essential to check the vision on a regular basis (preferably every year), and to try to exercise every day. This will help reduce the issue of slow movements and responses.
In the 50’s the intensity of the aging increases to a great extent hence, it is essential for the individuals to continue with the regular exercise routines and to use this as a chance to get complete body and health checkups. It is important to do so to keep the levels of sugar and blood pressure in place to avoid any kind of health issues. The 60s calls for extensive and uncompromised care and efforts for the individual (Kirkwood, 1999). The stage of life is very delicate with need for extensive care and support at all times. Any kind of irresponsible behavior at this stage can lead to the following years to be very difficult and full of struggles for the individual. Hence high levels of care need to be taken at this stage.
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