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Eunson(2008,p.260) states that 'non-verbal communication can be a very powerful tool in understanding ourselves and others. Discuss this statement and then analyse the following situation and suggest practical solutions to resolve the situation - Essay Example

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Non-verbal communication is one of the significant forms of communication that people use to express their feelings where verbal communication is inappropriate or may be difficult to apply. A difficult situation may arise when a person is physically impaired to the extent that…
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Eunson(2008,p.260) states that non-verbal communication can be a very powerful tool in understanding ourselves and others. Discuss this statement and then analyse the following situation and suggest practical solutions to resolve the situation
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"Eunson(2008,p.260) states that 'non-verbal communication can be a very powerful tool in understanding ourselves and others. Discuss this statement and then analyse the following situation and suggest practical solutions to resolve the situation"

Download file to see previous pages Other people express themselves through their hand writing, which indicates emotions at the particular time when the person was writing.
Non-verbal communication can be significant in helping people to understand themselves as well as their partners. Ullica & Peter (1997 p 67) notes that non-verbal communication has been in use for many years, and it develops depending on the prevailing circumstances whereby need arises leading to the use of non-verbal communication. This essay is a critique of the assertion by Eunson (2008, p. 260) who states that non-verbal communication can be a very powerful tool in understanding ourselves and others. It presents a critical evaluation of the correctness of this statement as well as a practical situation whereby this knowledge has been applied to solve problems in real life.
When we communicate some information to other people, we usually expect them to understand and give us a feed back regarding the information they have received. On the other hand, when people communicate to us, they usually expect us to reciprocate to the information we have acquired. Nonverbal communication is significant in situations where words can not be used. For example, how would anyone communicate to a colleague in the quietness of a sorrowful scene such as that of death when everyone else is very quiet? Gesture can be used to indicate that it is time to leave or a sign of understanding when people can not converse loudly. On the other hand, facial expression is very important in understanding the needs or requests that other people make (Ullica & Peter 1997 p 91).
Through non-verbal communication, we can understand ourselves depending on how others react to the information that we send to them. For example, if we make a certain gesture and the other person gets annoyed, we realize that we are not using the right approach to in expressing our needs or feelings. If some one responds positively according ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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