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Exploratory Research - Essay Example

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The preliminary information clears the dilemma and launches the scope of the study along with setting the objective. Usually…
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Exploratory Research
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Extract of sample "Exploratory Research"

Download file to see previous pages Case study is a method employed in qualitative exploratory research. Qualitative research involves assessing the human or social issue, and then reporting the result in comprehensive words instead of producing quantified data. According to a definition, "Qualitative case study can be defined as an intensive, holistic description and analysis of a single entity, phenomenon or social unit. Case studies are particularistic, descriptive and heuristic, and rely heavily on inductive reasoning in handling multiple data sources" (Merriam, 1988).
This above definition explains that the case study method analyses rigorously, information of one few single group, organization or event. In this method, a detailed study of a situation is carried out which is somewhat similar to the main topic of the study assignment. The reader’s perceptive of the event under research is enlightened and provides the researcher with intensive data. Case studies are helpful in explaining the holistic description of a sample’s view. It is also useful when the researchers want to attain qualitative in-depth analysis of a particular event. The use of the case study varies according to the demand of the researcher.
Psychobiography is the detailed investigation into the lives of important historical personalities with psychosomatic hypothesis and investigations. Its motive is to attain a clear understanding of the person and to discover the personal intention behind the open actions.
In Psychobiography, the writers spend hours penning down the complex, confusing, secretive and creative lives. Psychobiography involves immense research and intelligence. A good psychobiography is one that covers each fact with several supporting data any sources. “Best psycho biographies leaves the reader feeling ineffably won over” (Schultz, 2005). Some of the eminent personalities penned in many psycho biographical books include Hitler, Freud, Gandhi, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Exploratory Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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