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The needs of children have to be met all the time, failure to which parents may face questions from the community in which they live, the government as well as other interested…
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Effective parenting
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Topic: Lecturer: Presentation: Introduction Parenting is amongst the major responsibilities of adults that requires resilience and endurance. The needs of children have to be met all the time, failure to which parents may face questions from the community in which they live, the government as well as other interested parties regarding the welfare of children. Apart from other stakeholders concerned with children’s welfare, parents usually wish that their children get the best from the available resources. However, this can only be accomplished through effective parenting, which is core to the accomplishment of the parents’ desires regarding their children. This essay is a critique of effective parenting. It highlights the practices that can enhance proper parenting, and the behaviors that parents need to avoid for the growth of their children.
Effective Parenting
It is important for parents to realize that the manner in which they speak and the gestures they make amongst other expressions are significant for the growth of their children. Self-esteem in children largely depends on the behavior of parents Brooks (1997 p 67). For example, a little congratulation for good actions among the children means a lot in their development of self esteem. Self esteem is accomplished especially when the children are allowed to undertake tasks independently, which makes them realize their potential. This means that parents need to avoid trivializing the efforts of their children. The initial steps of a child mean a lot in the development of walking ability (Snow et al. 2001 p 103). It is therefore important for parents to ensure that they do not discourage their children by not showing appreciation of their efforts.
Insults and quarrels are a major threat to effective development of children. Parents need to ensure that they use simple words when they warn the children concerning undesirable behavior. Rather than using insults, they need to use strong but controlled words to avoid generating frustration amongst the children (Ranga & Denise, 2006 53). Words such as “your brain must be very thick!” need not be used. Rather, parents are supposed to offer an understandable explanation of why children should act in a particular way and not the other. In essence, human beings learn from mistakes. Children should be allowed to learn effectively from their mistakes.
Rewards are important in encouraging repetition of desirable actions. Children need to be reminded often regarding particular actions that were desirable to parents or other grown ups. Their initiatives also need to be appreciated, which helps in motivating them to engage in further initiatives. Snow et al. (2001 p 104) observes that children who are brought up under constant scolds from parents fear shun from initiatives, which ends up affecting their personality in future. They tend to avoid initiating something regardless of its applicability fearing that they might do the wrong thing.
Even though parents need to avoid constant scolding on their children, they are not supposed to forget the usefulness of maintaining discipline amongst their children. Ranga & Denise, (2006 55) observe that it is the only way through which children can differentiate between good and bad behavior. However, the manner in which punishment is administered matters in regard to accomplishment of discipline amongst children. Parents need to set certain standards for the children to be aware of the situations that may lead to irresponsibility.
It is important for parents to have time for the children in order to understand them. Such a practice can help them to understand each other, and for the parents to know the challenges that the children might be going through. Brooks (1997 p 75) argues that such times are useful for parents to develop strong bonds with their children, which are important in maintaining openness and trust that is core to the development of strong families.
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