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Argument - Pursue my Career of Choice, not that of the VA - Essay Example

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Les Sakuma, the Vocal Rehabilitation Officer at the US Department of Veterans Affairs that a career in Forensic Photography is a viable option here in Hawai‘i. Mr. Sakuma should approve the training program which would allow me to…
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Argument - Pursue my Career of Choice, not that of the VA
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Download file to see previous pages should pursue, in this respect I have found that the skill of negotiating can be developed through constant practice, direct personal experiences and that individuals use different negotiation styles. These differences in negotiation styles depend upon the individual’s personality and the situation which include the objectives for negotiating. Conflict arises when the interests of people do not coincide. Since each individual is unique in his own way, the potential for conflict in human interactions is high. For instance, people perceive the same things differently. They may, likewise, disagree about how things are and how they should be. Sometimes, simple misunderstandings can lead to major disputes.
As a military veteran scholar, I have regularly communicated with Mr. Les Sakuma. Upon Mr. Sakuma’s advice, I should pursue a degree in Business Management or Computer Science, of which I have already had brief and uninteresting careers in both of the fields. I would like to pursue something that I am actually enthusiastic in doing, rather that something I am forced to do.
Mr. Les Sakuma has worked with the Veterans Affairs for more than 30 years. He is very hardworking, diligent and determined to work for the accomplishment of the Veteran’s mission and goals. Mr. Sakuma plainly states that since the Veteran’s Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation Program is paying for me to get educated in order to obtain gainful employment; he would not approve the forensic field of study. I am firm to convince him otherwise.
Mr. Les Sakuma advised me to pursue a degree in Business Management or Computer Science because of my past experiences. He believes I would be successful in either of these endeavors. Furthermore, he feels that my physical disability would not be greatly challenged by delving into any of these careers. He is also unaware that a career in Forensic Photography is a viable option in Hawaii, where I am currently based. With these arguments in mind, I need ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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