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Advantages/disadvantages of online databases - Essay Example

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Aside from the use of search engines, online databases is being widely used by the researchers in searching for peer reviewed journals and other related articles. In line with this, a literature review will be conducted to…
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Advantages/disadvantages of online databases
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Extract of sample "Advantages/disadvantages of online databases"

Download file to see previous pages r searches like online databases like PUBMED or proquest will enable the researchers to easily gather hundreds of related topics in just a minute (De Groote & Dorsch, 2003). Likewise, it is possible for researchers to do a quick text searching. Therefore, the library media specialist can serve more users within a short period of time (Varghese, 2008). Since researchers do not have to purchase expensive books or photocopy important articles, researchers are actually saving a lot of money in the process (Lim, Hsiung, & Hales, 2006).
Since online databases allow researcher to choose the specific year an article has been published, researchers can easily gather the most recent journals within the specified time frame (Lim, Hsiung, & Hales, 2006). Online searches are readable within the comfort of the researchers’ home. Likewise, an abstract for each journal can be readily available. In the absence of the fulltext article, the available abstract will enable the researchers to take a quick look on articles that will be useful for a literature review (Lim, Hsiung, & Hales, 2006).
The use of online database enables the researchers to easily save the articles in their PC or laptop. To save more time when conducting future researches, it is possible for researchers to save the link of important online databases in their PC (Vishala & Bhandi, 2009; Lim, Hsiung, & Hales, 2006). In relation to the fact that the availability of online databases enables the researchers to find and gather journals that can be useful for their literature reviews, demand for new studies also increases. This contributes to the significant increase in the number of published information even before a specific article can be published in prints. At the same time, demand for peer-reviewed journals increases the number of available specialized journals for public use (Dodd, 1990). Since online databases are available, the modern researchers do not have to carry heavy books around all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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