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Sociology - Ubran Sociology & Crime and Criminology - Research Proposal Example

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As part of maximizing the physical capabilities of each police officer to run after criminals, it is important for each of the local police…
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Sociology - Ubran Sociology & Crime and Criminology
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Extract of sample "Sociology - Ubran Sociology & Crime and Criminology"

Download file to see previous pages As part of examining the possible impact of implementing a diet program for police officers, the health benefits, identified positive work improvements, and social benefits of this program will be tackled in details.
In relation to the implementation of a strict diet program for local police officers, the proposed research study is important in terms of improving the health and work performance of the local police officers.
Because of the nature of work, the U.S. police officers live roughly 15 years less as compared to the average Americans (Tracy, 1993). This is possible due to the fact that approximately 50% of the local police officers are likely to develop a form of heart disease during their retirement age (Vonk, 2007).
The problem with being overweight is highly associated with the risk of developing a long list of health problems including: (1) high blood pressure; (2) Type 2 diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM); (3) high blood pressure; (4) atherosclerosis; (5) high cholesterol levels; (6) gallbladder disease; (7) atherosclerosis; (8) cerebral hemorrhage; (9) coronary heart diseases; (10) osteoarthritis; (11) sleep apnea; and (12) certain types of cancer. (Alberti et al., 2007; Nazario, 2007; Nanchahal et al., 2005; WHO, 2005; Ballington, 2002; American Psychiatric Association, 2000; Lau et al., 2000; Yuan et al., 1998) On top of the health consequences of being overweight, it also contributes to the slow physical movements can endanger the lives of the local police officers.
The proposed research design includes the use of qualitative and quantitative research survey questionnaire which will be distributed to a group of police officers. To determine the best diet program which can be designed for the specific nutritional needs of the police officers, a one-on-one interview will be conducted with a qualified nutritionist.
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