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Japan/What if Japan had never bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. never entered WW II - Essay Example

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Germany would still have been defeated by Russia and Great Britain. Japan would have defeated China, but upon advancement into the Soviet…
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Japan/What if Japan had never bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. never entered WW II
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Extract of sample "Japan/What if Japan had never bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. never entered WW II"

Download file to see previous pages In the end, the war would have still had the same outcome, but it would have taken more time.
Hitler was doomed to fail for several reasons. Even if American had never entered World War II, Hitler’s betrayal of Stalin under the non-aggression pact that split up Poland. Stalin had more natural resources to fall back on, plus millions of citizens to fight Hitler. The Russian winter was also on Stalin’s side. Once Hitler started his invasion in the East, the war’s outcome was determined.
Hitler also did not use his resources as wisely as Stalin did. An example would be the German and Soviet generals. Hitler dismissed his generals’ advice. He thought Germans were superior to the Stalin realized that his generals were more knowledgeable in the art of war. Hitler thought the Slavic races in the East were weak. This meant retreat was not an option, even if it was strategic. Supplies, men, and trucks were transported by railroad cars, but diverted to sidetracks if a shipment of Jews were going to concentration camps. The Jews themselves could have been a resource. If Hitler would not have persecuted the Jews, the manpower could have helped him in World War II. This is implausible due to Hitler’s anti-Semitic views. However Hitler could have used the Jewish slave labor to make ammunition, uniforms, fill jobs in factories that soldiers used to fill, and basically be free labor. All the Nazis had to do was feed, house, and take care of the Jews. Even under the Nazis systematic war to kill Jews, if only the healthy working Jews were fed properly the war might have turned out differently. Finally Hitler had a scorch earth policy in the East. Hitler did not want to leave resources for the Russians to use against him, but that meant the Germans lost resources as well. Stalin took advantage of all of Hitler’s shortcomings. All of these reasons would have ensured a Soviet Union victory.
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