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Death Penalty (philosophy) - Essay Example

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What if all efforts are not enough and you cannot escape the fate that the justice system has meted on you? Such was the radical idea of the film ‘The Life of David Gale.’ A man on…
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Death Penalty (philosophy)
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"Death Penalty (philosophy)"

Download file to see previous pages At the end of the film we are presented with what really occurred. The movie’s plot led to the fact of the coercion of two people with nothing to lose and a point to prove. David and Constance plotted to make the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their lives to make the ultimate statement and vindicate their advocacy. So we are faced with the concept of the more than probable possibility that innocent people do end up getting capital punishment for something they are innocent for. The film seems foolish yet enlightening at the same time. Such is the case of the argument against capital punishment.
Den Haag argues that capital punishment is imposed on people who committed crimes to summon their guilt which is something that is believed to be personal. That it is not an issue of race or of equality but rather a moral penalty that is nothing but the mere issue of justice. We are again back to the concept that it is a major conflict on the evident fact of commonly supposed racial injustice. It reverts back to the matter of discrimination which is a delicate topic to argue about and would not be sufficiently substantiated on this paper. He is convinced that justice does not hold bearing over inequalities in distribution (Den Haag, par.7).
Let me call it the “OJ Simpson Syndrome.” What Den Haag proposes in that argument is the age-old assumption that more African-American convicts end up on death row than white people. With the risk of sounding racially insensitive of the times, it seems that this is not the case anymore. It was the basic argument for the absolution of OJ Simpson. He represented the thousands of innocent people executed before him because of the color of his skin. Let us no longer delve on whether or not he is guilty as this is an issue all on its own. This became subordinated because of the hype that surrounded the case. He in turn became a representation of all the injustices committed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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