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Gordon rule - Research Paper Example

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The major reason they are criticizing the plan is because it does not seem to be sound economically. According to Schiff (2009), one of the economic challenges is that President Obama wants to tax…
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Gordon rule
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Download file to see previous pages He is advocating for everyone to have insurance that can afford it and is giving tax credits to anyone who needs it in order to make sure they are covered. The plan seeks to make healthcare more affordable for everyone and not to exclude those people who previously would not have healthcare because of previous health problems (Obama, 2009).
According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a shortage of primary care physicians brought on because of the focus on extending healthcare benefits. This has created a space for many general practitioners to go into specialties so that they can be paid more money. The general practitioner used to be the first person to diagnose challenges for people but they are disappearing (The Wall Street Journal, 2008). Part of the challenge in this area is that Medicare and Medicaid will only pay a certain amount of money for doctors visits and primary care. These amounts are often lower than they can receive as specialists. With this in mind, many people who are on Medicaid and Medicare will miss out on the best healthcare in the long run.
The program that the government is doing would also give people access to a variety of programs that they may not pay for if they were paying with their own money. According to Tully (2009), this means that the packages that are being proposed would be more expensive than what most people could afford (par. 4).
Another issue is that President Obama wants to make insurance mandatory for everyone. To this end, he is making it mandatory for businesses to offer insurance to their employees or to receive a tax up to 8% (Schiff, par. 7). This means that the businesses would have to pay into a government program if they do not have healthcare insurance already covered (The Wall Street Journal, 2009). If someone is self-employed or an independent contractor for a business, they will have to find a way to pay for their own insurance or face a tax that is approximately 2.5% of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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