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What is information technology How is it changing our working lives - Essay Example

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The manner in which Information Technology has played a role at changing the lives of the people is something that can easily be written in golden words. The impact on the lives of the people is immense and there is…
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What is information technology How is it changing our working lives
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Download file to see previous pages sts that Information Technology is here and it will stay on for a very long period of time, until it gets replaced by some other advanced technology in the times to come (Wehn 1998). What is most important to decipher on the part of a world citizen is that Information Technology has played such a vital role in changing the lives of the people that it is almost impossible to negate the positives which have been brought about with the passage of time. Also what could be expected from Information Technology in the future remains a mystery because the marvels embedded within the domains of the same remain to be seen in the times to follow.
Information Technology is an enabling force because it makes people think of the possibilities and eventualities that can arise from its incorporation within the systems and procedures of the present times. The manner in which Information Technology has come about as a facilitating agent has made even the staunchest critics realize that its due role is immense and Information Technology will be able to pave the way between the link that remains in a person’s needs and his desires. The gadgets, electrical appliances, cell phones, laptops, etc are all the marvels of Information Technology and many other things are also bracketed under the same heading (Wulf 1995). Information Technology makes use of the communication mechanisms that are there amongst the people and their desires so that their most potent needs could be fulfilled in the most feasible manner. If these needs are not properly addressed, there is enough room to make amends so that the ranks of Information Technology are taken care of in the most apt manner possible. Also what summarizes the debate of Information Technology stems from the fact what researchers have been able to devise with the passage of time and what they expect from the same in the times to come (Diwan 2002). These researchers and scientists believe that Information Technology is a force that will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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