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4. ASSIGNMENT: Strategic Quality Management - Essay Example

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David (1989), defined the strategic management as a conduct of putting into practice, drafting and assessing cross-functional decisions that assist or help an organization to attain its long-term business and operational objectives. According to David (1989), the strategic…
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4. ASSIGNMENT: Strategic Quality Management
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"4. ASSIGNMENT: Strategic Quality Management"

Download file to see previous pages In the business a strategic management balanced scorecard is frequently utilized to weigh up the on the whole performance of the organizations as well as its development towards objectives (David, 1989). In most simple words strategic management can be defined as, “strategic management is the course of action of developing the goals and policies of strategy and managing its execution” (Tyran, Dennis, Vogel, & J. F. Nunamaker, 1992). According to (Olsen & Haslett, 2002), strategic management organizes or systemizes all the components of strategic planning, execution, and performance management in a continuing or constant cyclic procedure. It starts by addressing the questions “where is our organization at the present, where does our organization to be, how does our organization get there, and how do we determine movement?” (Olsen & Haslett, 2002).In their paper (Olsen & Haslett, 2002) also presented some thoughts from other researchers who improved this classified five processes, while all these tasks put together a course of action, which is continuous. Five tasks are: (Olsen & Haslett, 2002),
Kotelnikov (2009) does not consider the strategic management as a task, on the other hand rather a set of administrative expertise that should be utilized all through the business processes or activities, in a broad diversity of functions (Kotelnikov, 2009). Successful and flourishing firms are those that draw attention to their efforts deliberately. Business Strategy should be an extended process, not a robust. To attain and beat customer approval, organization’s management requires pursuing a generally organizational policy. A flourishing strategy encompasses value for the targeted clients over the extended run through consistently meeting their requirements in an enhanced manner as compared to competitors (Kotelnikov, 2009). Kotelnikov (2009) outlined the generally purpose of the experimental strategic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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