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Country Exploration (5 of 5) - Essay Example

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The price and value of products can only be assessed and estimated through buyers and purchasers, which give assessment of products in the light of competitive products…
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Country Exploration (5 of 5)
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Extract of sample "Country Exploration (5 of 5)"

Measuring the Value of Entering the International Market Market value refers to the worth of a product or service in a local, national or international market. The price and value of products can only be assessed and estimated through buyers and purchasers, which give assessment of products in the light of competitive products launched by the rival companies. In the aftermath of the arrival of globalization, things started taking drastic changes, and national markets turned into global ones gradually. Since competition rose to a great extent all over the world, only those companies can survive, which offer best quality products and services to the buyers. Thus, refinement of commodities makes an economy enter and survive into the international market. Hence, the simplest way of measuring the value of a product is the demand of that commodity. The same is the case with measuring the value of entering the international market.
Entering into an international market gives the commodity an introduction with global perspective, where the exporters and importers belonging to the pole apart regions as well as divergent communities, races, religions and ethnic groups exchange their views regarding different products and the producers get an opportunity of highlighting the merits of their commodities on the one hand, and improving their quality to bringing them at international standards on the other. This is also applied on the growing economy of the world i.e. India. The Indians have command over selling their commodities in an extremely distinguished manner. It is also a fact beyond suspicion that India sometimes imports products from other countries, but presents these products as her own at international level. For example, Gujranwala city of Pakistan produces the best of the best rice, which has no match all over the world, but Pakistan does not know how to sell it at international market. So, Pakistan sells rice to her neighbor country i.e. India, and India presents the same rice as her own product in a very sophisticated manner, and earns a lot out of it. Not only this that India earns financial gains, but also wins applause from all corners because of her splendid presentation. Hence, entering into international market helps India enter into more and more new contracts with other importers and businessmen of the world. Consequently, India finds magnificent economic gains while entering the international market. Thus, the best methodology of measuring the value of entering of an economy into an international market is the growth in the export volume and number of the buyers of the commodities of that economy.
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(Country Exploration (5 of 5) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Country Exploration (5 of 5) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Country Exploration (5 of 5) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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