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ECommerce - Essay Example

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Brown Limited, requires a fully integrated E-Commerce website which they can use to communicate internally among their divisions, project managers and senior management executives, as well as externally with their clients/customers,…
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Extract of sample "ECommerce"

Download file to see previous pages Brown Limited. In preparing the strategic plan, the following activities have been carried out: identifying and prioritizing problems, evaluating possible solutions, discussing selected technologies, considering security issues and their solutions, and estimating budget.
Failure of project managers to deliver the projects on time can be damaging for a company. This can lead to a gradual destruction of company’s brand image; even worst, it can result in the slow death of a company.
E-commerce website design has evolved considerably in few recent years with the incorporation of new business models which primarily focuses on savings, revenues, and customer relationships. A recent study (Wen, Chen & Hwang, 2001) has highlighted two broad design strategies for e-commerce websites:
Informational/communicational strategy can be applied to websites that are meant to support business activities, rather than replacing them. In other words, this design strategy is used for Web marketing. The important point to note is that this strategy does not support online-transactions.
Furthermore, it has been found (Wen, Chen & Hwang, 2001) that there are existing twelve (12) e-commerce website design models based on two design strategies. Discussed below, the first four models are based on informational/communicational strategy while the rest are based on online/transactional strategy:
Brand awareness and image building model provides detail and rational information about the company and its offerings. This model is best to indicate company’s edge over its competitors to current and prospective customers. Example websites for this model are Ford ( and Reebok (
Cost saving model provides cost-effective and productivity savings. Cost-savings can be achieved through reduction in brochure printing, distribution costs and order-taking as customers use fill-out forms online. On the other hand, productivity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ECommerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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