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Autism Spectrum Dissorders: Theory and Practice - Essay Example

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Alis parents are concerned about several issues regarding Alis educational performance, social development, and further professional life. We are going to present different strategies, proposed by…
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Autism Spectrum Dissorders: Theory and Practice
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Download file to see previous pages In this work we are going to discuss the case of Ali, a teenager with Aspergers syndrome, who needs to overcome several educational, social, and professional problems. Supported with major works by theorists in the field, we are going to present strategies that may be helpful for Ali and her parents.
Ali, a fifteen year old secondary school student, has been very recently diagnosed with Asperger disorder. Since receiving the diagnosis, she has become a more solitary and isolated person. Ali’s parents have agreed to inform the school teachers about the diagnosis, but they are not sure whether to inform Ali’s classmates. They are concerned about the impact of the issue on Ali’s order brother, a student at the same school.
There are several other issues of concern to Ali’s parents, including Ali’s school performance, social integration and, finally, professional future. Ali has a number of strengths and special interests; she is fond of story writing and making illustrations for her stories. Ali has a very good singing voice and would like to join the school choir, but she is unsure as to how she can do this.
When it comes to her academic performance, Ali enjoys English, Drama, History and Music classes, but has some difficulties with Mathematics, especially with the comprehension of Maths problems and independent homework tasks. However, she prefers to struggle alone with her homework until late night hours rather than accept help from her father or brother and any attempt to help her ends in a flood of tears. Thus, completion of Ali’s homework is causing stress to the whole family.
There are also several problems concerning Ali’s relations with their peers. She would like to have a friend to spend time with, but she does not know how to form friendship. Ali has a few colleagues who talk with her during recess and lunch, but she has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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