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Detrimental effects to real women by women portrayed on TV - Research Paper Example

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Now the detrimental effect television has on real women represents the relevant issue. By demonstrating bright, courage, rich and independent females, whose primary goal is be better…
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Detrimental effects to real women by women portrayed on TV
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Extract of sample "Detrimental effects to real women by women portrayed on TV"

Download file to see previous pages These women are to serve as an example of how a female should look and behave; they radiate magnetism that can generate all imaginable and unimaginable feelings and thoughts. Nevertheless, the arguments behind this suggestion are not unmistakable. It is essential to understand the line between the TV world and the real life, between natural and virtual. It is not infrequent that many women feel themselves imperfect and unworthy in comparison to their TV counterparts (Doane, 1991).
A woman who regularly judges herself against the females from TV usually becomes not very self-assured. The images created and shown on TV decrease women’s self-esteem as they do reflect the ideas of feminism women have been struggling for for many years. And it is a well- known fact, that self-respect guarantees proper attitude of other people and consequently, self-assurance, approval, and finally, the impression a women makes. TV shows talk about and show women different from those we meet in the real life. Surely, it would be more beneficial for female population to look for other samples for assessment (Hyde, 2005).
Men and women have very different self-appraisal and the attitudes towards each other are formed through years. These attitudes and stereotypes are formed inside of our souls by what we see and hear around. As we watch TV every day, many of our stereotypes are formed with the help of it. Women were struggling for their rights and self-respect for ages however, sometimes there is an impression that these efforts are not taken into account. Almost every ad contains something offensive for the representatives of fair sex, because what they see on TV can’t even be compared with what they see in everyday life (Juhasz, 2001).
Modern famous serials like Sex and the City make women think about their lives. Here we can see four women, free and successful who does not need any marriage or children and just have fun enjoying life. Such life is not natural for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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