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Literature review- prevelance of sleep disorders, stress, depression, and/or suicide is higher in paramedics than other occupations - Essay Example

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Emergency medical service (EMS) is an occupation that has a potential to provide both, emotional and mental satisfaction to EMS personnel as it involves the act of saving lives. EMS personnel do their best to attend the emergency calls and…
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Literature review- prevelance of sleep disorders, stress, depression, and/or suicide is higher in paramedics than other occupations
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Extract of sample "Literature review- prevelance of sleep disorders, stress, depression, and/or suicide is higher in paramedics than other occupations"

Download file to see previous pages s, people working in the EMS are becoming vulnerable to psychological disorders like posttraumatic stress disorder, sleep disorder, depression, anxiety and suicide. The only solution to the problem is to tackle the problem at root level by: 1) training the personnel to deal with different forms of violence and threat they experience at the hands of the clients and other people while doing their duties and, 2) to implement the programs that encourage and enhance emotional and social bonding between the personnel at the work place.
Trauma influences the shaping of the mentality of the patient suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (Gordon,2007,p. 12). The situations that can be identified as traumatic are “the situations where a person can feel threat to his life, helplessness, witnessing horror, isolation and identification with victim” (Gordon,2007,p. 12). Due to the widespread view that trauma influences the shaping of the personality, clinicians think that everyone who goes through the traumatic experiences are ‘traumatized’ and need treatment. However, the important point here is that people who are trained to handle traumatic situations have the ability to cope with it if given little space, time, support and security (Gordon,2007,p. 13). According to a study by Friedman, Ritchie and Watson (2006), from 95 percent of people who report distress and some symptoms after traumatic experience, only 10-25 percent of people display symptoms that can be diagnosed as posttraumatic stress disorder. Remaining people experience decrease in the symptoms and experience complete recovery in a year’s time (Gordon,2007,p. 13).
Trauma can be defined as an intense and meaningful experience that can injure and harm the normal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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