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BSN – RN nursing is a profession of high ethical value following the legacy of the great health care professional of all times, Florence Nightingale. Nursing is not mere administration of medicines but is ought to ensure the proper use of natural healers like fresh air,…
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BSN - RN nursing
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BSN – RN nursing is a profession of high ethical value following the legacy of the great health care professional of all times, Florence Nightingale.Nursing is not mere administration of medicines but is ought to ensure the proper use of natural healers like fresh air, warmth, quietness, punctuality, cleanliness, dietary requirements or a combination of these. Registered Nurses (RN) forms one of the biggest professional groups in the whole health care industry, constituting of almost 2.5 million jobs (BLS, 2009). BSN-RN nursing is one of the most professionally demanding jobs as it not only require scientific knowledge and training but also involves huge dedication and sacrifice. The objective of this essay is to critically analyze BSN-RN nursing profession with regard to the nature, the scope and the qualifications required for the job along with reviewing the advantages and the disadvantages associated with the profession.
The scope BSN-RN nursing is increasingly proving to be on a positive trend all across the globe. It has been estimated that during the period 2006 to 2016, a total a number of around 587,000 new job opportunities will be created in this profession (BLS, 2009). This projection within itself highlights the scope of Registered Nurses. Moreover this estimation proves nursing to be the sector to have the maximum of job opportunities in the mentioned period. The scope of the job is further reiterated as the in May 2006, the annual median earnings of Registered Nurses were $ 57280 (BLS, 2009). As far as the nature of the job is concerned, 59% of the BSN-RN nurses are placed in hospitals. The other avenues of work include home nursing and facilities like aged care and child care. In general, Registered Nurses work in Employment services, General medical and surgical hospitals, Home health care services, Offices of physicians and Nursing care facilities
Florence Nightingale has opined that the role of nursing is catalyzing the process of natural healing (Nightingale,1860). The generic responsibilities of a nurse include treating and educating the patients on medical conditions and to support the doctors in the clinical practices. They also provide emotional support to the patients and to the family members (BLS, 2009). The records on the medical history and the treatment schedule including the diagnosis, symptoms, medical test results etc are recorded and maintained by nurses. The operation of the clinical machineries and relevant monitoring also includes in the responsibility of a Registered Nurse. The qualifications required to become a registered nurse are either of a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or a diploma (AACN, 2009). The Bachelors degree in a normal scenario takes four years to complete. It basically prepares one with the tools for patient care. As per the statistics, in the year 2006, 706 nursing programs were offered in the United States (AACN, 2009).
The basic laws of health and nursing in the case of the well and the sick are in reality the same. The breaking of the rules would produce a lesser dynamic consequence in the case of the healthy but the consequence would be severe in the case of the sick (Nightingale,1860). This statement contains the challenge posed by nursing profession Moreover, a nurse must be regularly updated on clinical processes. A study titled ‘A cross-cultural comparison of nurses’ ethical concerns’ conducted by Barbro Wadensten, Stig Wenneberg, Marit Silén, Ping Fen Tang and Gerd Ahlström (Ahlstrom et al, 2008) has stated that another way of raising quality was considered to be by means of yearly examinations and continuing education for nurses Nursing profession may not suit everyone. It demands huge count of dedication, patience and care. It will involve late night and overnight duties. Thus the job of a BSN-RN is thus equally promising and challenging.
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BSN - RN Nursing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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