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The purpose of the study was to investigate what influences associate’s degree-prepared (AD-prepared) nurses to refrain from continuing with their professional education and obtaining a baccalaureate or higher-level degree (Orsolini-Hain, 2012). The study also sought to…
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Learning Activity #1
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Learning Activity Valerie Blemur Florida International NUR 3666 Evidence-Based Nursing and Research in Global Health Care September 24,2012
Learning Activity
Purpose of Study
The purpose of the study was to investigate what influences associate’s degree-prepared (AD-prepared) nurses to refrain from continuing with their professional education and obtaining a baccalaureate or higher-level degree (Orsolini-Hain, 2012). The study also sought to establish the AD-prepared nurses’ perception on the standard of patient care with regard to attaining a higher educational degree. In addition, the study also investigated the AD-prepared nurses’ perception of distinctions in their professional ability as compared to nurses with more advanced educational degrees.
The study designed an interpretive phenomenological study on the influences of AD-prepared nurses returning to school in search of a BDN or higher degree in Nursing (Orsolini-Hain, 2012). Thus, data was collected from a target population of AD-prepared nurses, from 2006-2008. Therefore, a sample of 22 AD-prepared nurses without a BDN or bachelors degree was used. These nurses responded to fliers and were compensated for participation by the study. All of the participants had been in practice for about 10 years. However, the nurses had varied years of experience. As a result, the mean amount of experience was 19.5 years. The ages of the participants ranged from 36-64 with the mean age being 48 years. The nurses were sampled from different genders and ethnic backgrounds.
Methods of Data Collection
The main method of data collection utilized by the study was interviewing. It is imperative to note that the objectives of the study would not be fully realized through the use of a static interview tool. As a result, a dynamic interview tool was employed by the study. Thus, AD-prepared nurses were engaged in an interpretive phenomenological study with regard to their willingness to return to school to obtain higher degrees in nursing (Orsolini-Hain, 2012). As a result, participants filled out a demographic tool and interviews lasting one hour were also conducted. These interviews were digitally recorded and transcribed. The interview process involved the administration of a pilot study followed by other structured studies that resulted from the pilot study. Thus, multiple interviews were employed in understanding the AD-prepared nurses’ perspectives on their willingness to go back to school for further education programs. Since this was a qualitative study, no intervention was tested.
The study resulted in the emergence of three significant themes. These themes can be summarized as follows:
Lack of distinctions in role, skill and status in direct patient care.
Just-in-time learning practices: “on-the-job learn and go”.
Possibilities of advancement without formal education.
In my experience, I have been a RN for only 4 years following my recent graduation. Therefore, these findings give the necessary encouragement of furthering my education with thoughts that will increase my options and challenging role as a nurse. However, a BSN would help to avert my lack of experience following the graduation and lack of job experience. Therefore, I am comfortable with getting a BSN since it provides the necessary experience as opposed to being dependent upon an AD program. Moreover, I agree with the implications for nursing practice and policy outlined in this study. This is based on the fact that the study thoroughly outlines the dilemma faced by AD-prepared nurses in regards to the pursuit of further education and its relevance.
Orsolini-Hain, L. (2012). Mixed messages: Hospital practices that serve as disincentives for associate-degree-prepared nurses to return to school. Nursing Outlook, 60(2), 81-90. Read More
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