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A career in nursing earns many benefits for registered nurses. They get skilled in prescribing proper medications to patients by diagnosing and treating their medical problems. They also work under close…
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Career as a Registered Practical Nurse (Canada)
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CAREER AS A REGISTERED PRACTICAL NURSE (CANADA) goes here] s [Due the paper] Career Choice as Registered Practical Nurse (Canada)
Nursing is one of the most respected and valued professions of the world. A career in nursing earns many benefits for registered nurses. They get skilled in prescribing proper medications to patients by diagnosing and treating their medical problems. They also work under close supervision of senior doctors who help them get experience of performing high-level primary healthcare tasks. The main role of a registered practical nurse is to provide nursing services to the patients of all ages by working in partnership with other healthcare professionals. In Canada, registered practical nurses are one of the three regulated nursing groups.
As Pandit (2011) states, “being a registered nurse is beneficial for a long-term career.” Working as a registered practical nurse is a challenging and rewarding task in Canada. People like to choose the profession of registered practical nursing because it injects the sense of social responsibility in their minds, as well as helps them serve humanity in an appropriate manner.
How Interests and Skills Match Career
The profession of registered practical nursing requires a person to have a deep interest and effective nursing skills in order to be successful in this field. An interest in the field of medical science and 20 years experience in healthcare as a Personal Support Worker in long-term care, home care and Hospice Palliative care best match the profession of registered practical nursing. Skills in long-term care and hospice palliative care reflect actual nursing role of a registered practical nurse. A registered practical nurse also needs to have a caring and sympathetic personality along with other nursing and clinical skills. According to VandeCreek (2000), love and healing are such intangibles, which are imperative for a patient’s recovery (p. 48). Moreover, he/she should also have a deep knowledge of nursing and direct clinical practices. Such qualities and skills are the perfect match for a person who wants to establish his/her career as a registered practical nurse.
Education Required For Career
There are two main ways for a person to become a registered nurse. First way is a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. A Bachelor’s degree (BSN) is the most common way that people use to earn the status of a registered nurse. A person has to spend full four years as a nursing student to earn this degree and become a registered practical nurse. This degree helps a person get additional clinical experience, as well as career flexibility. Another positive aspect of a BSN degree is that it prepares nurses for clinical practices and for teaching and administrative practices. However, most of the nurses like to do practical nursing. According to Hiscott (1998), a small number of registered practical nurses opt to do administrative or teaching jobs (p. 115).
The second way to become a registered practical nurse is to take admission in an Associate degree in nursing program which takes 2 to 3 years for completion. The Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program is appropriate for such people who want to dedicate themselves for practical nursing and are less interested in teaching practices.
Future Opportunities after Graduation
A number of future opportunities become available for registered nurses after graduating from post-secondary Registered Practical Nursing Program. Some of those opportunities include healthy employment opportunity, high earning job opportunity, and fast-paced career progress opportunity.
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