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Critique/commentary of Reading - Book Report/Review Example

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Professor Helman’s Building of the Sound System of Spanish: Insights from the Alphabetic Spellings of English-Language Learners demonstrates the need for second-language educators to consider students’ original language when providing critical instruction. The article begins…
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Critique/commentary of Reading
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"Critique/commentary of Reading"

Download file to see previous pages g by sound” stage of alphabetic writing, where students rely on hearing the sounds of words to write them, demonstrate difficulties because certain sound features in English don’t exist in Spanish (453). Specifically, Helman identifies the analysis of the positions of consonant sounds, consonant clusters, and vowels in each language as the main areas of difficulty. For example, a Spanish speaker will often wrongly substitute certain Spanish letters when they encounter letter-sound combinations that exist only in English – dem instead of them. The article then explains, in detail, further confusions that result from sound-letter combinations and letter-positioning existing in only one language.
Professor Helman does an excellent job of discussing how this research can be applied to English-language instruction. In the subsection titled “Implications for Instruction”, she identifies six main categories educators can follow to improve their English-language teaching. While this response paper isn’t the place to detail them at-length, the general approach she offers begins with teaching common elements between the two languages and then work with areas that are different. The educator should use their own personal understanding of Spanish to determine the stage of the students’ development. She writes, “When it is acknowledged that students’ developmental spelling attempts make sense, the alphabetical understandings are validated (457).” Ultimately, this is a lens educators must use to be more efficient teachers of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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