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The Architecture in Everyday Life Written by the Author Dell Upton - Article Example

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The paper "The Article Architecture in Everyday Life Written by the Author Dell Upton " discusses that in recent years, the concept of ‘everyday life in architecture’ has come to refer to architecture that somehow escapes the commodification/consumption paradigm of contemporary culture…
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The Article Architecture in Everyday Life Written by the Author Dell Upton
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Extract of sample "The Architecture in Everyday Life Written by the Author Dell Upton"

Download file to see previous pages “In current architectural history, theory, and practice, then, discussion of every day takes place at the intersection of architecture and Architecture – of the study of the material setting of human life and of the narrower concerns of professional design.”1 In other words, the architecture of the 21st century is concentrated on the client’s intended use of the structure, the media representation of architecture as art, and the role of the celebrity architect in contemporary society. By examining the concept of the ‘everyday’ in architecture, it is necessary to first explore these concepts and then apply them to a living structure created by one of today’s shining ‘starchitects’.
After introducing his subject, Upton launches his discussion of every day into a description of how the term has come to be understood within the Architectural field. The big A is used to denote those architects who work according to an idealized, artistic and creative approach to design rather than those architects who find themselves working according to a prescribed set of objectives, such as those engaged in constructing tract homes. “In every case, professionally designed works are credited with a self-conscious sophistication, a subtlety, and a depth that are lacking in other kinds of building, which are consequently defined by what they are not. Professionally designed structures constitute extraordinary landmarks in a vast expanse of the ordinary.” This is not to say that other structures have not managed to achieve notice, but they are recognized as ‘primitive’ structures, outstanding because of their intuitive, ‘accidental’ use of design concepts in keeping with the needs of the structure’s use.
In coming to the realization that Architecture as an art form is intrinsically linked with the forms of every day, Upton points out that the problem of every day became even greater as architects still found it difficult to discover the points of cohesion after spending so much time determining the difference.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Article Architecture in Everyday Life Written by the Author Dell.
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