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Her character plays a significant role in bridging the generational gap between Chinese and Chinese-American women as portrayed in the movie. The aspect of ethnicity is important in understanding…
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Character Profile
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Download file to see previous pages Now after her death, the daughter has to deal with her grief, frustration, and other questions. The difference between the mother and her daughter can be accounted in terms of age, culture and identity related with it. These features are familiarized by most Chinese-Americans who are going through a confused status of identity crisis.
Jing’s mother Suyuan established the Joy Luck Club along with other three Chinese ladies settled in America with an aim to remind them of their origin and cultural background. In other words, the club plays the pivotal role of bridging the gap between China and America, particularly between old and young Chinese-Americans. While Suyuan is excited about her story of “In China, everybody dreamed about Kweilin”, Jing-Mei feels strongly that her “mother’s Kweilin story was anything but a Chinese fairy tale” (Tan 1989, p. 22-25). The young Chinese-Americans often seem to have deliberately rejected their Chinese identity whereas their older counterparts are still trying to retain their identity even in the cosmopolitan foreign environment.
However, the film portrays a positive outlook for the Chinese-Americans who finally come to realize their original identity. After the demise of Suyuan, Jing-Mei begins to realize the truth of her mother’s miserable history of which she is a part too. When Jing finally meets her estranged twin-sisters in China, she feels like she has her mother back. Jing’s visit to China guides her through her culture and origin. At the end of her journey, Jing-Mei realizes “what part of me is Chinese. It is so obvious. It is my family. It is in our blood.” (Tan 1989, p. 288)
The cultural clash and generation shock come to both young and old Chinese-Americans as it tends to create the generational gap between the two age groups. While the older generation is desperately seeking to retain their cultural values, young Chinese-Americans find their traditional customs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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