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Here is one example. It is a term describing the extrajudicial kidnapping of foreign citizens (often by the United States) because they are believed to be involved in terrorism. Here is a link…
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Unit Three Critical Discussion Blog
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EUPHEMISM My example is the term: “extraordinary rendition.” It is used in many sources. Here is one example. It is a term describing the extrajudicial kidnapping of foreign citizens (often by the United States) because they are believed to be involved in terrorism. Here is a link that uses the term and explains more”
The term is an example of a euphemism. The language is intended to obscure or hide the true meaning of the activity in question. It sounds like an official or legal term when in fact it is not. The extraordinary part of the term even sounds quite nice. The word rendition means to carry or take something somewhere (with a slightly sinister echo of the word “render” or reduce and recycle a dead animal). The term as a whole is very abstract. There is no real nonverbal communication in the use of this term, but the body language of people who frequently use it suggests they are hiding something. As is suggested in Chapter 10, the delivery of meaning is very important: if your euphemism is as bad as this one, your body language may suggest you are being dishonest.
People should be honest about what they mean. They could say something like international arrest, or extrajudicial arrest, if they want to be more ethical. As the textbook suggests, it is not ethical for members of government to try to hide the truth from citizens by using euphemisms. Another similar euphemism is Enhanced Interrogation Techniques when people mean torture. Read More
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Unit Three Critical Discussion Blog Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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