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Can torture ever been acceptable in democratic civilized society - Essay Example

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Notwithstanding that everybody understands well that the democratic society should not accept and use torture in any form, the issue still remains controversial. Torture still is present in our…
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Can torture ever been acceptable in democratic civilized society
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Download file to see previous pages Thus in the article “Torture Damages Democracy says expert on Interrogation” the professor Darius Rejali states that torture can’t be costless. The professor discusses different forms of torture emphasizing the fact that torture affects not only those who are tortured but also the initiatives of torture. It is also mentioned in the article that torture is controversial issue and the same idea is reflected in the article by Paul W Kahn “Torture and Democratic Violence”, the aim of which is to understand what torture means for democratic society: “torture is no more destructive and no more illiberal than other forms of political violence” (Kahn). The professor Darius Rejali summarized his ideas in the book “Torture & democracy” that became the most comprehensive study of torture in the modern society.
In the article “Torture State terrorism vs. Democracy” by Orlando Tizon it is stated that the “war against terrorism” is only an excuse of applying torture. "Only the person who has been tortured can tell how painful it is. The people who torture you dont let you die and they dont let you be alive" (Tison, 2002). The same issue is discussed in the “Work Open Society Institute: Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition” by Amrit Singh and in the article “the Use of torture”.
In the work “The Proportionality of Means and Ends: The Case against Torture in a Democratic Society? the author Joaquín Jareño- Alarcón raises an important issue discussing the position of torture defenders. Torture defenders in the modern society state that torture should be used as a method to get the necessary information. The author expresses the negative attitude to this approach: “with terrorist activities becoming an increasingly serious threat to democracy over the past ten years, the morality of torture is now an issue at the forefront of political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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