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We are glad to write this reference letter to support (your name), one of the most devoted, creative, confident, and diligent employees of our company. We are highly contended to recommend him for attending program in your reputable institution, as he is an individual with…
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Reference Letter
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Running Head: Reference Letter Reference Letter [Institute’s Reference Letter October 06, 2009 of Cambridge London TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
Re: Colleagues Reference – A. Heifetz & Co.
We are glad to write this reference letter to support (your name), one of the most devoted, creative, confident, and diligent employees of our company. We are highly contended to recommend him for attending program in your reputable institution, as he is an individual with numerous qualities achieved through intellectual understanding and opportunities that he availed during his work at A. Heifetz & Co. Every individual is unique in terms of characteristics, capabilities, and weaknesses. However, we were fortunate to have him in the company, as he managed and resolved a number of confrontations and issues through his leadership and analytical skills. All such skills and experience have turned him into a mature and ambitious person who will play a significant and contributive role in the life ahead, and thus, will be beneficial for prospective peers in your reputable institution.
During recent years, global market has experienced economic crisis that enforced a number of companies to file bankruptcies. Our company once confronted the same crisis; however, he was the one to articulate his knowledge efficiently at the right time that enabled company to save more than 50% of its funds, became possible due to his effective decision-making and leadership skills. Besides such a contribution, (your name) has been a motivational and confident colleague who always encouraged and supported us in times of any confrontation.
Moreover, during his career, he has been able to manage his responsibilities towards work, family, and other activities in an efficient manner. He has remained associated with various governmental ministries, leading economists, and scientists of the country, as well as lead different projects worth millions of dollars. During these projects, he worked with people from diverse backgrounds and continued to maintain his integrity and determination that makes him a potential candidate for your highly regarded institution.
One of the amazing attributes of (your name) is his ability of adapting to circumstances that is a very significant quality, and enables him to implement his skills and potential in every environment. No individual is perfect in this world, however, everyone is blessed with unique strengths that can be used effectively to avoid drawbacks of weaknesses, and live a successful life. Similarly, he is very altruistic, which often seems like a weakness in this rational and materialistic world. However, all these strengths and weaknesses have made him a stable and realistic person, who can bring some change in this globe.
He is immensely confident, love to accept challenges, and have been able to achieve his goals through right academic direction and his passion to learn different aspects of his field, which makes me a potential student for your reputable institution. Lastly, with much that he has already achieved in his life and a strong commitment and obsession for more, we know that he will be taking to study the desired program as his own way of contributing to the progress and development of his family, community, the entire world, and himself in the coming years. Read More
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