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The Life of Mary Jemison - Essay Example

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Mary Jemison, the American frontierswoman, was born in a ship (this ship was going from Northern Ireland to America) to Thomas and Jane Jemison in 1743. She was captured by the Indians when she was around 15 years of age, while living with her parents in Pennsylvania. Her family…
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The Life of Mary Jemison
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Download file to see previous pages decades before and after the American Revolution; many captives, once adopted and integrated into an Indian community, refused the opportunity to return home, finding life in Indian society more rewarding. In 1823 Mary Jemison related her life story to James Seaver, a doctor who lived near her home in western New York. Seaver’s story of “the white woman of the Genessee,” as she became known, sold over 100,000 copies in 1824” (Captured By Indians: Mary Jemison Becomes an Indian). This paper briefly explains opinions of Mary Jemison about native American culture and relationship between Native Americans and Anglo-Americans in the eighteenth century based on the autobiography of Mary Jemison written by James Seaver.
In family and society, Native Americans projected themselves as one of the most civilized community. But in the battlefield they never behaved like that. In fact they were so cruel in the battlefield that they never exhibit any humanitarian methods while fighting with others. Native Americans was loved their beloved ones deeply, but they never shown any sympathy or mercy towards other communities. In fact they were so cruel and their brutality was so severe that they never hesitated in kidnapping and killing of innocent people from other communities. Mary’s complete family has been brutally assassinated by the Native American tribes, The Indians, which forced Mary to describe them as brutal and uncivilized tribes
The Native American culture during 18 th and 19 th centuries were not much civilized. Even though, her family members were killed by the Indians (Native Americans); the Indians have shown some mercy towards her and adopted her to the Native Indian community even though she was a white female. Mary has realized that even though the Indians are so cruel in the battlefield, they were not so in the family after staying together with them for a longer period.
It was the duty of the men to protect the villages and homesteads as per the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Life of Mary Jemison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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