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Comunity Pharmacy Practice Experience - Assignment Example

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It services vary to accommodate the needs of its customers from walk-in, drive-thru, to delivery. Because of this, it has created a system that is very organized and efficient. Their staff is highly professional, friendly and…
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Comunity Pharmacy Practice Experience
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Download file to see previous pages Having learned in class that this is the most important part in pharmacy work, I approached it with some fear and apprehension. The Manager, Cashier Meg and the other Staff were very encouraging, comforting and supportive. As I obtained the prescription and confronted the computer, I was relieved to know that the NexGen Computer System was easy to use. I went through the entire process of the Data Base Searching- Name of the Patient, Prescriber Search, Medication Search; clicking the appropriate information; and finally, printing the label. Determining the appropriate information and clicking it became easy because of my prior knowledge of medical terminologies, an exposure gained from POP 1-3 Classes; and, Methodologies in Patient Communication and Information Data Collection, as discussed in POP 6 Class. The handouts or materials distributed in POP 6 Class on the Legal Requirements of Prescription, Profile and Label; Ohio State Manner of Issuance of a Prescription; and, Labeling of Drugs Dispensed on Prescription really was a great help. The use of the computer and a computer system made the entire process very easy, fast and fun.
The least enjoyable and most boring part of the Internship was the re-counting of tablets or pills, bagging, shelving and doing the inventory. I kept on thinking that I can do other things that were more important. Now, looking back I realize that I was doing an important task. I was being part of the team. If I didn’t do the work well, the pharmacy would suffer. I also realized that the tasks of making the inventory; and, shelving or returning medicine bottles to its proper shelves was only boring because I was already familiar with the generic and brand names. Knowledge I learned through the Listing of the Top Medicines distributed in Classes of POP 4-6. As to the re-counting of controlled medications before bagging; I had no difficulty identifying the controlled medications as I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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