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It was exciting news for me that my family is taking me to some new place. I always had a dream to spend some time in the mountains. The most exciting news was the announcement from my parents that we…
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My vacation
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My Vacations” After the long tiring semester, finally I got a chance to enjoy my vacations. It was exciting news for me that my family is taking me to some new place. I always had a dream to spend some time in the mountains. The most exciting news was the announcement from my parents that we were going to spend these vacations in Sierra Nevada Mountains.
The trip started with many wonderful and exciting landscapes, models of natural beauty and a number of new experiences. The camp ground, named as Devils Postpile, was beautifully constructed and was situated near Mammoth Lakes. The two lakes that we saw there were beautiful. The crystal clear water of those lakes and the wildlife sites were eye catching. The beauty of that place is unforgettable. A closer look to the trout that had enough meat attracted us towards them. Fishing was much like a hobby for me and having such a wonderful place around was an additional benefit to make it more exciting. I enjoyed fishing there but it is a fact that my father was always a better fisherman and always defeated me by catching a bigger fish.
After getting done with fishing, we started moving between the mountains. The voice of the trees, as the wind blows, grabs the attention of every person. We started climbing a mountain and got to see many birds there. The sweet voice of those birds and the beauty of them is something to stay in the memories for a long time. I always had a fantasy of enjoying a camping trip which also came true during these vacations. We played, sang, cooked and enjoyed every single moment of that trip. Read More
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