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Social Inequality - Essay Example

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It is quite possible that a male and female of a society who are different in their classes engage in marriage relationships unexpectedly or deliberately. These relationships of un-equals…
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Social Inequality
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Download file to see previous pages Dan Croteau, a roman catholic, a widower and father of two daughters coming from a working class has met Cate Woolner, a Jew, a widow and mother of two sons coming from a rich aristocratic family and they decided to tie their relationship through a marriage after a long dating session. Both of them had failed marriages and hence they have taken extreme care in knowing each other well, before engage in a marriage relationship. (LEWIN) This paper analyses different perspectives of this marriage of two un-equals.
Dan Croteau was a normal person coming from a working class family where as Cate Woolner was coming from an aristocratic family. The difference in wealth is a major factor which can make or break a marriage relationship. A male and female irrespective of their financial capabilities may fall in love due to infatuation. But after marriage, these financial differences often come into play. But in Croteau’s and Woolner’s case, both of them have taken extreme care in order to remove the bad influences of differences in financial capabilities in their married life. Ms Woolner has taken measures to raise the standard of living of Croteau. “Ms. Woolner gave him money to buy a new car and pay off some debts.” (LEWIN)
Another difference between these two was the difference in their educational levels and earnings. In order to reduce the gap in education and also to increase the earning potential of Croteau, she agreed to pay for a $10,000 computer course that helped prepare him for his current job as a software analyst at the Cheshire Medical Center in Keene. (LEWIN) It was another wise move from the part of Ms. Woolner as it increased the earning potentials of Croteau which made him more comfortable in their life.
Both Croteau and Woolner were coming from different religions; Christian and Jew respectively. But both of them were able to convince their family members about the strength of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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