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Besides, in a wider perspective, it helps the government to maintain law and order in the society as a whole. The traffic rules help one to be patient while driving, waiting at the traffic signals and to be safe…
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Analytical Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the sign boards and signals that can be seen in both sides of the road helps the driver to be conscious about the importance of limited speed while driving, attention to other vehicles and pedestrians. As the rules and regulations are formulated to help the individual citizen to perform his or her rights and duties in a successful manner, it helps one to be aware of one’s rights while driving or travelling and to be duty minded towards other drivers, travelers and pedestrians.
Government and the authorized department on road safety should give importance to public safety and give proper training and education against motor vehicle violence. Besides, education on road rage would help driver to become a responsible driver.
The process of widening the Roads is essential because it helps to reduce the chance for traffic congestion in important places. Government must provide financial support for secure roads and make public attentiveness for safe and sound roads. Besides, the authorities must boost the media which expose the misconduct and misbehavior from the drivers while driving and must use it for advertisement and campaign purpose against road rage and safety. Karin Sternberg makes clear that: “When suddenly enraged drivers commit acts of road rage, they may have a flash of hatred and destructive intent toward those who have harmed them, whether in reality or imagination;” (Sternberg, 2008, p.17) misbehavior while driving create hatred in other drivers and will cause severe problems, reality or imagination. The usage of monitoring equipments like close circuit camera, speed detector, breath analyzer etc can detect violent actions and misbehavior on road and is essential to prevent road rage.
The authorities must show keen interest and vigilance to fix cameras on appropriate places and must provide maximum punishment to traffic rule violators who are involved in the road rage activities. Andrea Campbell makes clear that: “Road rage and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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