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Topic Critique - Essay Example

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Personal interests can play a vital role in achieving proper learning in classrooms. Learning situations or topics which come closer to the personal interests of the learner can speed…
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Topic Critique
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"Topic Critique"

Download file to see previous pages t "to the extent that an individual can learn to perform some mental skills without conscious attention, the conscious part of the brain is freed to attend to other mental activities, thus enlarging its cognitive scope (Dickinson). For example, a person who is interested in music will learn the lyrics and tunes of a song easily without giving much conscious attention to learn it. On the other hand, same person may struggle to learn mathematics in the absence of interest, even if he performs some conscious efforts. From the above examples it is clear that certain brain activities are controlling the learning capabilities of a person unknowingly.
Herman Epstein suggested that periods of rapid brain growth are the times for intellectually challenging curriculum, and that plateau periods, such as in adolescence, are the times for more concrete, experiential learning rather than pushing students too soon into abstract thinking (Dickinson) The analysing powers of a person varies differently during his life span. Alcohol or drug usages may not be considered as a sin by some youths. But the same youths may regret for their activities after ten or fifteen years. In other words, same thing may be perceived differently by the same person during different stages of his life because of differences in brain activities at different periods.
Music is an entity which can control and comfort the brain activities. Even distressed persons will get a soothing effect when they hear music. A calm and peaceful mind is essential for proper learning. A learner’s mind will always be under tension because of some external parameters which may have nothing to do with learning. Music can eliminate all such negative parameters of learning and can keep the learner’s mind fully focussed on the learning activity alone. All the people hate noise, but most of them like music because of its smooth rhythm and feeling it create. “The intentional use of music in the classroom will set the scene ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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