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Read the story and answer the question - Case Study Example

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The basic assumption or thesis is that the books being reviewed, by Tapscott and Aslop, are both valuable in the task of understanding the “Net gen” worker, a worker born between the years of 1980-2000, and relatively new to the workforce; although the two books have…
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Read the story and answer the question
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Extract of sample "Read the story and answer the question"

QUESTIONS The basic assumption or thesis is that the books being reviewed, by Tapscott and Aslop, are both valuable in the task of understanding the “Net gen” worker, a worker born between the years of 1980-2000, and relatively new to the workforce; although the two books have different points, they are both valuable to understanding the general characteristics and needs of this generational set.
2. Examples—The author uses examples in the first section, when they talk about exactly what Tapscott says in their book, quoting directly from the text about Net genders and their expectations regarding the synthesis of work and fun. Then, the reviewer goes into a list of examples including reasons why managers should let younger employees have a flexible work schedule.
Contrast—The author uses contrast when they are contrasting Baby Boomers and Net geners. The author notes that Boomers have spent a long time being threatened by being seen as conservative, and contrast this against the present, when this is more of a danger. The ideals of the past and present are contrasted, and also, there is contrast between the generations considered.
3. Tone—The tone of this passage is informative. The author wants to inform the reader about both Tapscott and Aslop, and they also want to inform about the general subject. This general subject is what both authors also focus upon, and makes up the majority of the information: characteristics of Net geners.
Diction—The author uses diction to explain their points through the use of simile. “But they are reassured that by eliminating rules, chain of command, and doling out praise like penny candy” (par.5).
4. By varying sentence structure, the author also varies the tone of the article, alternating long and short sentences: this is apparent in the third paragraph. The impact is that it makes the essay more readable. The use of jargon is seen in local colloquial language like “a wonder to behold” (par.3). This makes the piece more conversational. Metaphor is seen in the above quotation regarding penny candy; this keeps the text interesting.
5. "But ultimately he figures that its incumbent on employers and managers to bend to the whims of this new crop of employees, not the other way around."(par.4)
I agree with this passage. I think that the author is saying that companies need to be responsive to the needs of their employees, not the other way around. Companies need to retain talent, and therefore they need to understand their employees to be dynamic. My own position on this issue is that companies should listen to even the lowest level of employees, if they have ideas that are going to improve the company. So, I agree with the author that companies should bend to the whims of their employees; I see this is as something that they should do, as well. From my experience, companies that can keep talent happy, can keep talent. For example, my friend was once a cook at a summer school. They had new ideas about management, and the school wound up firing them because they confronted management when they had a faster way to make French fries, which they learned at another organization. But then, the company really lost out, because they lost the employee and the more efficient production method. Read More
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